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Fernando Hancco Laura. Anonymous pxdbBLu. Animesh Ghosh. Tornike Jokhadze. Lee Walser. Rachel Wheeler. Bernadine Sibayan Joson. Haleem Ur Rashid Bangash. Saurabh Kumar Singh. Chapter 11 Dockets. Juan Pa Melen. Populares em Culture. Independent Evaluation at Asian Development Bank. Victoriya Polshchikova. Chris Inocencio. Magical Advice -- Pt. Mysticalgod Uidet. Lighthouse Keeper. Die meisten anderen Instrumente werden nur noch von wenigen Instrumentenbauern angefertigt.

Mit dem Erfolg wurden auch die Musiksender auf In Extremo aufmerksam, so wurden sie zur Fernsehsendung Viva Interaktiv eingeladen, dort standen sie 15 Minuten lang Rede und Antwort und spielten zwei Lieder.

Zur selben Zeit wuchs ebenfalls das Publikum bei Live-Auftritten. Juni , auf dem sich ca. Zuletzt nahmen In Extremo am 9. Die Gruppe belegte mit Liam deutsch den dritten Platz. Zuvor haben sie sich am 2. Februar bereits in der Sendung TV total vorgestellt. Platz in den deutschen Albumcharts. Die Singles selbst konnten hohe Chartplatzierungen erreichen. Platz in den Albumcharts. Nur Ihr Allein am Mai , Horizont am September und Liam deutsch am 3. Platz der deutschen Charts.

Ihr Instrument war u. Ihr Nachfolger ist Dr. Sein Nachfolger ist Yellow Pfeiffer. Sein Nachfolger wurde am Es ist "Specki T. Gewonnen haben sie jedoch nie. Im Bonusmaterial ist "Das letzte Einhorn" ebenfalls zu sehen. The first vinyl release came in the form of a 7" that was part of the legendary Drone-Series. We do not need a mausoleum for art, where dead works can be viewed, but rather living factories of the human spirit. Consequently, this three-part miniature is totally dedicated to invoking energy through sound.

The first milestone work of Inade is the CD "Aldebaran", released in England in and named after that dying sun that radiates its violet light on many an evening. For some, Aldebaran is synonimous with the esoteric "Black Sun" the 'divine light of knowledge'. It is not necessary to delve into such notions in order to perceive this constellation as a symbol of a deeply spiritual source of energy, somewhat comparable to the "creative vortex" of the English Vorticists Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, etc.

The title describes the symbol of a bright shining unexpected impact, followed by a calm vibration, as a kind of disharmonic phenomena whose repolarisation is effected through divine signs or even through anonymous factors… This idea directly refers to the sound space which is conjured up by the music: an aural journey, guiding the listener into a transcendent cosmic state of agitation full of kinetic structures, bizarre shapes and titanic sculptures.

Even though it was conceived as a sequel to "Aldebaran", "Crackling…" has turned out to be decisively more complex and multi-layered. As already indicated, the philosophical aspects of their worldview or Weltanschauung, play an important role in Inade's work. So far, two compilations dedicated to the occult underground in early 20th century Germany have appeared in the series "Germania Occulta" which is produced in collaboration with Turbund Sturmwerk and also features other musically and conceptually kindred musicians.

Gregorius and "Peryt Shou" with the ideas of the "spiritual seeker and teacher" of the same name. And on their numerous contributions to other compilations, the musicians from Leipzig have dedicated themselves to further developing their concept.

At the intersection between dreams and ears wide open cognizance, between the known reality and the spiderweb cluster of dimensions dissecting it, reside the premier purveyors of dark ambience, Inade. But it's more than simple dark ambience that they traffic in, for their dreams are vast and unrestricted, and their imaginative, ears wide open approach to sound manipulation is audacious and unparalleled.

It's as much weird ambient as it is dark ambient; strange, perplexing sounds in which origin must be questioned. Arcane musings from the cosmic wasteland collide with insectiod utterances culled from ancient alien terrain; deep audio ripples pulsing across dark matter plains collide with the ephemeral flotsam of German occult murmurings. Pterodactyl's squeal in atavistic joy, space itself breathes--inhalations like crackling Cthulhuian dread, exhalations etched on the machinery whine of Forever--and the ever shifting cartography of the infinite is sonically translated along the ridge of collision, where Inade dare to explore.

What remains is incomparable: the audio mythology they have nurtured, and the legacy that is Colliding Dimensions. Since May Inade are performing Audio Mythology leading to the next decade of deeply spiritual energy…. In early Inade decided to release a CD with collected recordings from that has been remixed and re-edited in Samadhi is a over-conscious experience that lies beyond waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The realisation made in Samadhi is numinous realisation. A perfect condition in vigil, a condition of absolute consciousness.

It is the final goal of everything and the highest form of self-possession, in the sense of collecting all the faculties of the constitution towards reaching union or quasi-union, long or short in time as the case may be, with the divine-spiritual… Life in the spirit is not fading.

If the restrictions of the empirical being are exceeded, the universal life is intensified. The life becomes cosmical and even hypercosmical. The Samadhi State is neither guards nor dreams it is the fourth dimension, where the infinite eternity prevails. Sie alle verband das Interesse an Heidentum engl. Paganism von lat. Der Begriff stammt aus der Zeit der Hexenverfolgung, als die Opfer auch des Beischlafs mit dem Teufel beschuldigt wurden. Dies steigerte sich kontinuierlich auf 1.

Pagan Born! Als Heide geboren! It's melodic, danceable Dark-Electro, which is to stimulate thought with its lyrics. Andreas and Bastian sang in German and English of social deficits and the disintegration of mankind and its environment. The greatest enemy of man is man himself. There are some dates that will always have a special significance for Bastian and Andreas, including the 8th of June As part of this gig, the two musicians presented their own songs to the interested audience in the K3 Lounge in Leipzig for the first time.

Inspired by the invitation of this evening, the debut album "Wake Up Call", which was released in January , was completed in the folgemonates. After the first release, the band was on tour in Germany and released the single "Neustart" in the same year as the forerunner of the second album. The album "About Halos" followed in and led the two musicians on various festival platforms, also in the European countries.

Nicht zu verwechseln mit der italienischen Black Metal-Band Janvs. Live spielen sie sowohl typische Gothic-Konzerte als auch klassische Konzertabende in festlichem Ambiente ohne jede Technik.

Homepage: www. The band was formed by Maciek Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski. The visual side of the project is the scope of Arek Baginski's contribution. In their suggestive live shows they combine performance and video art showing the relations human — machines and machine — sacrum.

They picture the collapse of values at the cost of growing commercialization of everyday individual and social existence. In the meticulously prepared musical domain, Job Karma combines the analog and digital sound of electronic instruments with looped movie sequences and a prepared trance rhythm. Keine Abkehr, vielmehr: Konsequenz. Die kargen Zimmer dort sind erhellt vom Schein flackernder Kerzen. Wir folgen ihnen, so oder so: In die Tiefe.

Kellermensch klingen wie etwas, das man nicht so recht fassen kann. Promise to translate to english a. Esta viene dotada de una gran potencia musical y de una impactante imagen, lo cual todo junto hace que los directos no pasen nunca desapercibidos para nadie. Teilweise entstehen kleine Parallelen zu Johnny Cashs Musik. The band consists of three girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past two years.

The band was formed after winning first place in a poetry slam held by the city library in January They have since then played multiple festivals as well as touring Europe. The bands lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance.

Once the lead singer from Germany electro-punk outfit Deine Jugend, Laura Carbone's debut solo album Sirens is a clear musical awakening with stand out tracks like Heavy Heavy, Swans and Stigmatized. This album clearly walks on the dark side of pop street and brings a freshness which is unparalleled to the chewing gum rock 'n' roll scene. Working together on her album with her producer Bonassis formerly a member of death metal band Pyogenesis and Liquido in Audiodrive studio near Mannheim, Laura has developed her style with an honesty and maturity taking in all her own influences.

Sirens represents the mythological beauty and danger with a string sense of feminism which becomes a much fitting title for this piece of work. After her experiences with Deine Jugend and the naivety of her youth in the music industry, Laura herself supported this entire project with a very successful crowd funding campaign to keep her independence as a true artist.

Auf ihrer MySpace-Seite beschreibt sich die Band selbst wie folgt:. As a beacon is to sailors lost to a battle with the sea, beats, synths and vocals come in waves leading listener ashore in the darkest of nights. The band are from Erzgebirge, Germany founded in under the name Darkcore.

The musical roots of the band lie clearly in the 80s and 90s. Eher lassen sich Parallelen zum Death Rock erkennen. Im Sommer erschien das dritte Album Die Tomorrow. Innerhalb von zwei Monaten wurden von Fans und Sponsoren Die Tomorrow wurde von Kritikern insgesamt positiv aufgenommen. Erstmals wirkten an dem Album auch Gastmusiker mit, so z. Deathstars Luigi Rubino neoclassical piano contemporary classical italian ethereal Luigi Rubino; composer-pianist, started playing and studying piano and liturgical organ when he was 10, with both Italian and foreign teachers.

Piano player with the band Ashram's, he collaborated with bands such as Argine, Corde Oblique, Trees… Today he dedicates himself to original composition and loves 20th century classical music Debussy, Poulenc.

Man begann nun aus den vielen Ideen neue Songs entstehen zu lassen. Was bedeutet M. Die Besetzung der beiden Bands ist nahezu identisch. Im November wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Keyboarder Thilo Weber das Projekt Maerzfeld kurz nach der Tour mit Eisbrecher verlassen hatte, bei Stahlzeit bleibt er weiterhin aktiv. Nachdem Heitz sein Abitur an der katholischen Privatschule Johanneum in Homburg abgeschlossen und im folgenden Jahr seinen Grundwehrdienst in Bexbach verrichtet hatte, studierte er bis ins Jahr Germanistik und Geschichte auf Lehramt.

Piper-Verlag, ISBN Piper-Verlag, August Piper-Verlag, Juli Piper-Verlag, Februar Die Erstausgabe vom Heyne-Verlag wird nicht mehr gedruckt. Der Titel dieser Ausgabe lautete:. Heyne-Verlag, Juli ISBN X. Zeit des Neuen 2 — Brennende Kontinente. Piper-Verlag, Juni In einem Abenteuer-Spielbuch entscheidet der Leser selbst, wie die handelnde Hauptperson vorgeht, um ein Abenteuer zu bestehen. Markus Heitz: Die dritte Expedition. Pegasus Press, Oktober Markus Heitz: Todesbote.

Pegasus Press, September Pegasus Press, Juli Heyne-Verlag, September Markus Heitz: Gottes Engel. Heyne-Verlag, Dezember Markus Heitz: Aeternitas.

Markus Heitz: Sturmvogel. Markus Heitz: Markus Heitz: Jede Wette. Markus Heitz: Methanbolismus. Heyne-Verlag, Januar Markus Heitz: Ritus.

Markus Heitz: Sanctum. Droemer Knaur, August Markus Heitz: Kinder des Judas. Droemer Knaur, Oktober Piper-Verlag, September Schlagzeug , der nach dem Ausstieg Zinks wieder ein Mitglied der Megaherzen ist.

Papiro Oxirrinco Himno Cristiano de Oxirrinco. Himno a Homero. Papiro Zenon. El Cairo. Hecyra Mor 1, 11f. Migne 37, Luis Paniagua. Carlos Paniagua. Eduardo Paniagua. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Arkive Radio on Facebook. Log In.

Forgotten account? Not Now. Dark Ambient Gathering. Depeche Mode. The Art of Electronic Music Makers. Xtra Techno Radio. World Wide Techno. Experimental Music Merging the genres.

Electronic Music Network Group. Electronic Music Community Luxembourg. Modern Electronic Music. Underground Romanian Minimal-MicroHouse.

Only Techno. Electronic Music Releases. Synth Britannia. Depeche Mode Cartagena. Ambient, chille, IDM-y i tyle. Montreal Breakcore Kidz. Argentina Musica Electronica. Buenos Aires Electronica. Dark Ambient Music. Kedarnath Live Act soundcloud. Malak Mikhail soundcloud. Roell3n Dj Set soundcloud. Tzompantli soundcloud. Vibelive Live Act soundcloud. Vortice Cosmico Live Act soundcloud.

Vyasa Live Act soundcloud. Deliria www. Lisergica 25 www. Antares www. Govinda art www. Megatronix www. Spiral Fun www. Te interesa sacar un tour, descubre los beneficios y ventajas al hacer lo oficial ponte en contacto con David V.

Info Tours: www. Quieres ser parte de prensa o shooting oficial ponte en contacto con nuestro director de prensa y te explicara como ser un medio oficial del evento. Info Prensa y Medios: www.

Apr 16,  · Mayores Becky G (Versión Cumbia) Cumbias Viejitas 02e8d4efcef8a LATIN WORLD RECORDS Wuteng Version Jugglerz 02eba-1abf-b35bdca Jugglerz Records Visceral Underskinnings, Pt. 2 Hastings of Malawi 02ecafaf48c3cedd Sub rosa The Wall in My Head.

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  3. Vuelve a mí by Canulita Pech reviews Candy y Terry se amaban, pero por un giro desafortunado del destino, se ven obligados a separarse. Terryfic, ambientado a finales de los años 60's y principios de los 70's, para adultos. Siempre en mi mente by Nally Graham reviews Que sucede cuando después de haberte alejado del amor de tu vida por una.
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  6. Quizás la grabación más famosa del grupo sea precisamente este álbum, Música de la Grecia Antigua, realizado bajo los auspicios de la Unesco (para la primera edición en LP). La ejecución de estas antiguas composiciones supuso además la reconstrucción de un arsenal de instrumentos de su época. Este fue sin duda un aspecto fascinante, al igual que lo fueron las .
  7. De aquella solo se conservó al joven ario que aparecía en primer plano, reemplazando sutilmente el resto de símbolos que le acompañaban: el águila imperial por una paloma de la paz; la bandera con la esvástica por una de Yugoslavia; en cuanto a la antorcha que portaba el joven pasó a convertirse en la cúpula del parlamento esloveno.

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