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Join our , fans. Tracks: 1. Rise Up 2. Native Blood 3. Dark Roots Of Earth 4. True American Hate 5. A Day In The Death 6. Cold Embrace 7. Among them all, only Man kills Mankind seems to be of lesser quality, probably because of its somewhat generic nature. As mentioned before, Dark Roots is a very coherent work. There is enough variety to keep this record interesting from start to finish, but there is also a strong sense that it is a whole.

Also, special credit must be given to Gene Hoglan whose performance is incredible, probably one of the few drummers who can fill-in for Paul Bostaph. It is certainly no less impressive than their offering, it is more coherent, probably without the highs and the lows of the Formation of Damnation. I mean, honestly, which band among the big 4 has made such an impressive comeback?

Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Machine Head Bloodstone and Diamonds. Warlord The Holy Empire. Korn Korn. Man kills mankind Feeding the greed of the overfed swine Man kills mankind Again and again you choke on the vine Man kills mankind Feeding the greed of the overfed swine Man kills mankind Again and again you choke on the vine Man kills mankind Again and again you choke on the vine, overfed swine, You keep choking and choking Throne Of Thorns Behold now, the power i wield that comes from my soul Crimson reign, reign through the fire of bodies I claim Legions of darkness I call unto thee, decisions I make for I rule blacken thy kingdom of warriors above eager to storm iron gates God of war Fire born Throne of Thorns God of war No remorse Fire born "Listen to these words, to what I have said from my throne of thorns is where I shall rule keeper of all, bringer of death!

To challenge me, off with your head! Last Stand For Independence Last chance for independence call to arms to take a stand fully armed, our forces strong against the enemy we dance Life lost for liberty, blood shed to protect our homes stand tall, divided we fall the conflict takes it deadly toll You struggle to breathe Don't ever let go the less we conceive The stronger we grow!

Fight on for independence charge through, demolished lands ears ring to the hum of bullets a tune a tragedy of man never surrender, blood stains upon thy soul burning flags and body bags the price of liberty for all The last thing you'll see Is the last thing you'll know The less we conceive The stronger we grow Facing our death Struggle to breathe, choking on fear in god we trust Oppression for years Blood sweat and tears Will we ever know know The stillness of the storm Can we readjust Our failures into trust Thanks to i-phone for sending track 7 lyrics.

Dark Roots of Earth. True American Hate. A Day in the Death. Cold Embrace. Man Kills Mankind. Unfortunately this kind of very questionable enrichment of music appears also at and And this poor pseudo melody in the background! Is this a newbie Gothenburg melodic crew?

And again the very good song is totally devastated by these needful ideas. Aggressive vocals, almost two minute guitar lead with never heard before kind of melody in Testament career — , all for nothing! The band decided to record a ballad. But finally the old sentiments won, probably during playing old stuff live with the ballads. The first signs of musical calamity are audible during the opening due to completely banal melody and weak vocals which is unthinkable!

Nothing is changed when hard guitars enters the stage with very simple yet completely ineffective structures. Gross exaggeration, guys! The ballad that had to be a splendid variety of the album, came out like a blunt nail ripping my forehead. Musical hideousness! It starts off with calm yet good-tempered tunes, then after eighteen seconds hard guitars rip the idyl apart.

But the best is yet to come, namely at tempo is changed with over one minute Skolnick solo. The track is silenced by the opening motive and gorgeous Eric lead. And I have a question, why this Erick work is silenced little by little here?

And yes, exactly, this Erick solo is unbroken here and sounds superb! Of course, while analyzing the extended album version, there is a need to write something about bonus tracks. One of them is mentioned just above, the rest three ones are just covers. And in this case… I am totally helpless. It is a fucking desecration! I simply cannot understand, I mean, when the young band worships their long-time musical favorite and record well-known classic tunes, but in this case, when first seen and everything looks just ok, the overall feeling is synonyme of failing.

Although I consider Chuck Billy one of the best vocalists on the scene, here he completely felt short of expectations especially in chorus really terrible effort!

After many careful listens, still I ask myself the same questions. How did they do it? How can I rate it in positive way? No, it is impossible this time, when there are only two TWO! Two long-time guitarists again give me the best breathtaking performance, however I never praise the album due to its guitar leads. Chuck is like a tower of strength, but he failed in two tracks definitely. The rhythm section did the work without any highlights. Did they find the entrance?

I will see on the next album! And do I have to mention these covers once again??? But now I can forget about any returns to the magical past, simply due to lack of quality, which is the main blame to the band.

After releasing the previous album I was reckoning on something better, exciting and worthy of note. Unfortunately I got very weak, average and polite piece of music with several moments to praise. Too much negative things and feelings from such band as Testament is. Definitely too much…. I have to give Testament credit for their latest release, Dark Roots of Earth, for several reasons. The biggest reason being that they have kept up their reputation, unlike other various bands that were utter disappointments on their "comeback albums" or otherwise sell-out albums.

They maintained their level of energy throughout the years, but also kept each of their albums fast-paced and unique and with this new album, they created to be what I believe could have been the best thrash metal album of The opener of the album, Rise Up, came into the scene with a vengeance that made my jaw literally drop. As far as speed is concerned, it certainly is one of their faster albums thus far, but the musicality is also a great attribute to this work of art.

For a lot of people out there who claim to be metalheads, they tend to look more for the heavy, bone-crushing riffs and hardcore lyrics, but they seem to overlook simple choices that an artist makes to make the music flow into the picture that they are trying to paint. In A Day In the Death, just simply starting the song out with the bass and the high hat kept up the intensity that the band was probably looking for to build up the mood of the music.

Another song that caught my attention in the same light was Cold Embrace. The musical theme of the album seemed to shift dramatically from a fast and aggressive tone to a softer, slower-paced feeling. Even though it has a few heavier instrumental themes, what one must look at is the lyrical meaning of the song.

It could have the heaviest guitars and the harshest vocals, but what captures my attention is the lyrical content. In this song, the subject matter really impressed me, not only with the word choices and how simple of a style it was, but also the fact that they managed to make the simple language artistic in a way that I personally find it difficult to describe. After listening to Cold Embrace, I felt sort of calmed deep down and it made me think about the real meaning of the story being told.

I don't want to get into that right now because of interpretation disagreements, but I encourage others who find pleasure in seeing what their favorite bands have to say, so check out this masterpiece. Lastly, I wanted to discuss the last song on the list called Dragon Attack. If there is any song that I would consider to be the heaviest, it would be this one.

It is fun and up-beat and provided me with that nostalgic feeling everyone must love when they hear a song that reminds them of the golden ages of heavy metal. If you enjoy heavy riffs and fast, melodic instrumental work along with harsh skull-smashing vocals, then this is definitely the album for you. Enough said. Another band from my seemingly ancient childhood has emerged to drop yet another new album in my lap.

Testament, a band that has been criminally undervalued for the likes of Megadeth, Anthrax and countless others I'm too kind to mention, issues Dark Roots of Earth with a thrash metal vengeance that will most likely lay waste to pretty much anything else the medium has to offer. To say that Testament hasn't had a misstep or two in nearly years of heavy music isn't exactly truthful, but to absolutely claim that the band is still at the top of the game with this release is vastly understated.

Cliches aside, it's the perfect opener for an album by a band that is bent on showing up the youngin's vying for position in this crazy battlefield called heavy metal. Another element immediately noticeable is the thick production that was literally screaming for a band like Testament to come and puff up the edges while retaining a sickening layer of sound that just covers you like a drenched blanket, immobilizing and enchanting you.

This band has never forgotten its roots, never stultified its role in the movement, and has never given in to label pressure like some genre-jumping bands hoping for the momentary mall-metal crowd. The music on this latest effort is a fascinating journey into the annals of thrash metal history, complete with disturbingly potent riffs and overpowering vocals the likes of which are often imitated and never accurately reproduced to any discernible degree.

Chuck Billy is the whole package when it comes to his singing style; the heated and often elevated effort he issues with each and every song showcases that familiar bellowing we've all come to know and headbang to over all of these years. I think it's safe to say that Testament won't be doing that anytime soon.

Last Stand for Independence. Man Kills Mankind. Native Blood. Over the Wall. Practice What You Preach. Rise Up. Souls of Black. Throne of Thorns. Throne of Thorns Extended Version. Throne of Thorns extended.

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  1. Dark Roots of Earth is the eleventh studio album by American thrash metal band inneselcavirdars.vawarcedigirelounutmolesata.co was released on July 27, in Europe, and four days later in North America by the independent German record label Nuclear Blast Records. The album is available in three configurations: CD, CD/DVD and vinyl with the latter two versions including four bonus inneselcavirdars.vawarcedigirelounutmolesata.co: Thrash metal.
  2. Jul 31,  · I will start by saying I am not a big fan of Testament which might explain the following statement. I loved The Ritual in I know most fans of this band, as well as the band itself, did not think much of that album. I only own 3 of the 10 studio albums but have heard them all. To me Dark Roots of The Earth is the second best from Testament/5().
  3. May 01,  · A Day In The Death: Cold Embrace: Man Kills Mankind: Testament (2) Dark Roots Of Earth ‎ (CD, Album + DVD-V, NTSC + Dlx, Dig) Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast: NB , US: Sell This Version: NB , Testament (2) Dark Roots Of Earth ‎ (CD, Album + DVD-V, PAL + Ltd, Dig) Nuclear Blast /5().
  4. Dark Roots of Thrash is as I mentioned above, a 2xCD/DVD package that shows off Testament doing what they do best, playing in front of an energetic excited live crowd. The album was recorded at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York on February 15th, /5().
  5. Jul 27,  · Clear with black/blue splatter vinyl gram 2LP limited to hand-numbered copies. Housed in a gatefold cover and comes with poster. Nuclear Blast info sticker on shrink says: "TESTAMENT Dark Roots of Earth Ltd. g 2LP SPLATTER VINYL in gatefold!
  6. Jul 27,  · Dark Roots of Earth Lyrics: Now that the sun won't shine / Slow down and take your time / Don't lose your mind it's all / Soul destroying lies / I've walked for miles past the sacred halls.
  7. Jul 27,  · The album artwork was created by Eliran Kantor. A music video was made for the track "Native Blood". Dark Roots of Earth entered the Billboard at number twelve, Testament's highest position ever. This album saw a reunion with Gene Hoglan, who played drums on the band's album /5(55).
  8. How Testament made an album that was so remarkable, taking the title of one of the best albums of (along with Kreator's Phantom Antichrist) but following up with such a boring disc is beyond inneselcavirdars.vawarcedigirelounutmolesata.co Roots Of Earth has a similar aesthetic to its predecessor, but the complexity is dialed back. Alex Skolnick kept things focused on a more straightforward spectrum of thrash that would reflect.

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