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ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Deals and Shenanigans. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. It was not a peck on the lips nor was it something forced. That kiss was something soft and subtle at first, much like the woman herself. She let it linger and build slowly.

Tender and sweet sounds encouraged him further. It was then that Aiah finally yielded to him, allowing his tongue to slip past her lips. His hands, strong and blunt, stroked across the expensive dress. They explored each other in such a way that when they parted from the kiss, they were both breathless. Breathless and still connected by touch, Putin pulled her closer. The gasp she made when her body collided with his own was far more beautiful than any piece of music he had heard.

A single digit explored his jawline and stroked his skin lightly. There was curiosity in her beautiful gaze and she kissed him again. The second kiss was even more decadent than the first. Ten years later, she still thrilled him. While open and candid with him, Aiah always carried an air of mystery about her. Rarely revealing her hand, she was still quite forward and direct. This was a woman that should have come with a warning label.

Social niceties differed from culture to culture. She studied those differences. She understood the nuances of manners and proper behavior. Exceedingly polite and demure, Aiah Corrington was a woman in demand. You could always expect her to be genuinely polite, unless you stepped over a line.

Liberties were not permitted to be taken with her, ever. Bold in the way men tended to be, it made those of the male persuasion take a step back if they raised her ire. The people that could afford to hire her were wholly unused to a woman being as confrontational as she. It made more than a few men uncomfortable, even to the point of fear. Aiah had been all of 21 when she took on a longer contract than she normally would.

The man that had hired her was an old school businessman. A kind and jovial person, he treated her like a favorite granddaughter. Having a feeling that she was recommended to the man by her occasional lover was odd at first. Nevertheless, the work was enjoyable. Grigori Tikhonovich, her employer, always insisted she call him Grisha. Grisha was somewhat of a financial genius. Every single project he did there would be people from all over the world wishing to finance it.

After the first time Aiah worked with him, she refused to take payment. The amount earned by her had been exorbitant. It was far more than she believed was justified. She and Grisha were arguing about payment while sitting at the dinner table in his home. It was his wife that came up with a better idea.

Nastasia told her husband to not pay Aiah. When he began to protest, she shushed him. He could invest the money owed back into his project. If he made a profit then so would Aiah. Grisha fretted over doing such a deal. It took her swearing to him that she was financially sound. That contract launched her into the double digits as a billionaire when she was just 21 years old.

They were entertaining possible investors when a man said something derogatory about her and Grisha to another. By the accent, she guessed he was either from the US or Canada. However, he spoke in Mandarin to express his thoughts. On high alert, she stepped over to the men.

Speaking in Mandarin, she asked both men to leave immediately. The men believed her to be just a silly little slip of a girl with no real authority. Immediately, they became belligerent and tried to intimidate Aiah. She stood before the two serenely. Just as quickly, she had him on his belly. The man was at her mercy in less than three seconds.

Putting pressure on the joint, she was very close to doing permanent damage. Her voice was soft when she spoke. However, as I have no problem doing permanent damage, I would suggest you choose your next words and actions very carefully.

The men were removed, Aiah never found out what happened to them. The investment however, paid out fold. The news of what she had done made its rounds. She was not a woman to be trifled with. Vladimir ended up hearing about it through Grisha himself. Chuckling softly, she answered. Unpinning her hair and shaking it out, she laughed. I have a body. So does every other human on the planet. Otherwise I would offer to show you exactly what you could do.

Unless you want to watch? She worked with Tikhonovich often. So much so that she became like a family member and was very close with his immediate family.

They kept in touch until the day he died which was only 8 months ago. Born in Grisha had seen a little of everything. Instead of making him bitter, he became more and more kind with each passing year. She had not known he would be attending. Grisha Tikhonovich. She and Putin spoke briefly before he had to leave. He was still concerned. It was the first time he had ever seen her cry.

Aiah had been distraught and he wished to make sure that she was faring well. That evening Nastasia had told Aiah that she believed that Vladimir Vladimirovich was sweet on the younger woman. Aiah scoffed and explained that they had a good working relationship for the last decade.

She still kept in touch with Nastasia and his other family members. She reminded him so much of his younger sister that Grisha had wondered if she was his dear Masha reincarnated. She was given a framed picture of Grisha and his sister taken in He had been a boy of 10 and his sister was 9. They picture was lovingly put in her sitting room with pictures of her grandparents. Aiah resembled the little girl physically, that was for certain.

So much of her schooling was what would have to be called informal. Aiah was surrounded by American and British military folk and politicians. Her command of languages were so renowned that when she was just 18 years old the US military had sought her out. She was taught by her parents and tutors instead of attending any public schools. The Corrington family never stayed at a place long enough for Aiah to successfully attend school. Because of the sheer amount of travel and moving her parents did, it was easier to homeschool the young Aiah.

Her education progressed quickly because of it. She had earned two BS degrees from a well-respected university when she was just Aiah was intelligent. She was a girl with a fast metabolism and even faster learning abilities with little need for extras like sleep. Her parents found out very early on it was best to keep her busy. They pushed her hard in education, knowledge and sports. When she was young, you had to wear her out to get her to rest at all. Having a natural aptitude in athleticism, she competed in or played for her own enjoyment in a good number of sports.

Aiah ran, skied on snow and water, swam, played tennis, and along with many others but her passions were fencing, Krav Maga and Judo. The day she met Putin, Aiah had been working with that group of American businessmen.

The six men were problematic from the start. It was a brush here and a feel there. They tried to play the touches off as accidental or as friendly, such as an arm around the shoulders.

While only 20, she had a no tolerance policy that was written into her contracts. Not to mention, Aiah knew that she could reduce every single one of them to tears without even mussing up her hair. Aiah warned them one time.

They were given one chance and one chance only. She quit on the spot. They still had to pay her fees and all expenses as per the contract, so it was no loss for her. Supposedly, the men all married into money. If any of their wives would have found out what they attempted with their interpreter, they would have divorced the men and left their ex-husbands penniless.

These supposed rich and powerful women were no one Aiah had ever heard of. Asking her father and a search online turned up nothing either. It amused Aiah greatly. She never threatened them with blackmail. There was no need to pay her such a large sum. Still, they gave her the money. He was the one that made the men pay and pay well. Aiah was never told about that, not that it would have mattered to her. She valued privacy because of growing up there was little privacy to be found. She was not the sort that needed much in the way of human connection.

Punishment for misdeeds was not something she concerned herself with in regards to others. She had grown up in a world were punishment was handed out for the most minor of offenses.

Several accusations were made by men that tried to sleep with her and were refused. There were rumors that she was a well-controlled psychopath. Aiah rolled her eyes at such nonsense. Yes, she could be cool and calculating.

That was actually because of the business she was in. When translating between people she could not allow her own emotion to show. It would skew the viewpoints of others. The same thing was brought up when she appeared not to show any emotional empathy. Five years ago, a large suitcase was found in a basement in Poland that contained quite a bit of information left from the occupation of Poland by the Nazis. Having dedicated a large amount of time over the years studying Nazi Germany from a both a historical and psychological points of views, she was considered to be well versed in that part of history.

Those documents contained some of the foulest information she had ever laid eyes on. Every evening when she retired to the small flat that was rented for her, she would cry over a glass of wine.

The wine was there to help numb the anguish she felt in her heart. Aiah very rarely drank anything alcoholic so the wine was helpful in the process of washing away the anguish. That fateful day a decade ago, Aiah requested from one of the Russians if he would show her out since she was no longer working with the men. Via radio it was arranged that Putin would have a chance to speak privately with her.

I found myself at odds with what they wished for, so there might be a delay until they bring someone else in. She bowed her head ever so slightly and spoke softly.

That was not my intention. Perhaps our paths will cross again. He did take her hand but before he let go, he kissed the back of it. It would just be for twenty or thirty minutes. I would like to speak with you.

She was shown to his office and they discussed a business proposition. Two hours later, they were fucking for the third time with Aiah bent over his desk. He could never get enough of her, even a decade later. Sleek and slender, her body looked delicate but Putin found out that looks were deceiving when it came to her. He was the one that desired to see her again but it was Aiah that laid the ground rules for their relationship.

Anything she wanted? She could purchase it herself. Although, she did not mind the occasional piece of new lingerie to replace something he had ruined in their rougher moments. Given her age at the time the relationship started, it would have been a mess. To make matters worse, he was a married father of two girls, 35 years her senior and Aiah was younger than both of his children.

The only time she would be seen with him in public was in a business capacity. She was a favorite of the photographers taking official photos of Putin. Part of it was for simple propaganda. Aiah came from a family with prominent ties in both American and British politics. It was to poke at those governments, especially the American one.

She would rarely set foot in the United States. The photographs taken were almost always in the company of others. There were a few rare ones of her with Putin but it was easy to see that the pictures came from a public business setting. A rumor had been started that she was either frigid or lesbian because even the virile and macho Putin rarely gave her a second glance.

Putin heard one of the remarks himself in a meeting with some of the Cabinet members, just two days after Aiah had been there. When are you going to break in that pretty girl you have working here?

Is she frigid or does she like the ladies like we do? She needs a man to tell her what is what! I will offer my services if you do not wish to have a go at her first. The Cabinet member stepped down from his position when scandal after scandal rocked his office to the very core. Aiah had very recently found out that she had fans online that worshipped her every move. The knowledge of the fan club left her stunned. She had no idea. Upon finding out how much fanfic was dedicated to her, Aiah briefly considered becoming a hermit.

Not one to be overly bothered by things, it still was odd to her. However, she did take a certain amount of glee in reading a passage or two from the fanfiction to Putin. She especially enjoyed reading him the naughty bits where she called him Master or Daddy. It made even the unflappable Vladimir Vladimirovich blush on occasion. Quickly, Vladimir Vladimirovich claimed her innocence for himself. Rutting with her like a beast, he spilled his seed only when he heard her girlish voice whisper cum in me Daddy.

Your voice is not of a girl. I know exactly what you sound like when you are calling out my name. There is some truth there at least. Kissing her lips, Vladimir smiled. Which is good. I do not want you innocent. You are far, far, far more interesting being sinful. The shows were to help young people discover the world outside of their own bubble. Through school programs, there were pen pals so that children could learn other languages beside their native ones. The pen pals were closely monitored so that they would not be taken out of the system in order to keep children safer.

There were episodes for each age grouping from 4 to Because of this, there was a good number of girls that wanted to be her and boys that wanted to date Aiah. Even in the beginning of their relationship, they spent quite a bit of time just talking.

Aiah was every bit of a night owl that Putin was. Wise beyond her years, he learned to trust her judgement. He may not agree with her but the reasoning was sound. He could trust Aiah to answer him as honestly and completely as she was able. Putin did employ Aiah with regularity for various reasons. By the age of 23 she held three PhDs, one in biology, one in psychology and the last in zoology.

The only reason she got the degrees was because she was bored with most of what she was translating and it helped with her vocabulary when she was doing certain jobs. She forced herself to learn the same information in other languages as well. She absolutely refused to be involved in illegal activities, she also refused to make comments about anything that happened within a business capacity. And god forbid anyone tried to get her to talk on religion or politics. They would have a better chance of being kicked by a snake.

Depending on where in the world Aiah and Vladimir were located determined where they would stay. They were currently at her spacious London flat. Both of their lives left little time for chance encounters. Nothing was a surprise and everything needed to be arranged for when they saw each other. That was more for keeping their private lives out of the daily news and Putin safe. She had been surprised when he agreed to her terms. The fact that she was the one to set the parameters of their relationship amused him.

Then again, she amused him much of the time. Her glass had ice. He wore nothing more than pajama bottoms. He smiled and shook his head. I want you again. His lips were pressed to her shoulder when he wrapped his arms around her waist. He patted her bare bottom. Aiah had spent four months on an island working and still sported a warm tan except where her bikini bottoms had been.

On her days off she spent a lot of time swimming and at the beach. Tops were optional on the beaches and she opted to not wear one most of the time. She also knew he had a fondness for bikini tan lines. Or would you rather fuck my almost white arse? She batted her lashes and gave him a faux innocent look, making him chuckle.

There was something far too devilish in her green eyes. Turning around, she faced him. I want you to make me scream and make me cry. Gently as can be, her fingers ran over his already hard cock. Leaning in, she was eye to eye with him. Her lips brushed his jaw and she whispered. Grabbing her arm roughly, he spun her around. Knees hit the soft cushion before she even realized he had moved her.

Putin pulled at the string on his pajama bottoms and let them drop to the floor. The sudden move made her gasp. The gasp was followed immediately by a whimper of pain. He let go of her hair and the hand went around her throat. The other teased at the sensitive peaks of her nipples.

His lips caressed her ear with a whisper. In turn he savored the sweet cries of his lover. You are just mine to do with what I please. Can you be a good girl Kitten? Is it even possible? You may call me a cad, a scoundrel or even a brute but it is you that would fall to her knees to get a taste of my cock Aiah. Her body shivered with delight. Indeed, she begged him for more. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

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  4. The Golden Age, an album by Your Demise on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  5. The Golden Age, an album by Your Demise on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, A Decade Drifting. Worthless. More by Your Demise. Cold Chillin' The Golden Age. The Kids We Used To Be. Ignorance Never Dies.
  6. The album starts off well with The Golden Age blaring, with fast riffs and breakdowns. Even These Lights is welcome as it is a good song. It's just when you get about half way through the album, it just loses it's value. The songs get boring, and are just to soft for what's meant to be one the UK's 4/5(2).
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