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The song was great. This song had a huge impact on their career, especially on the two albums to follow this one. Very slow tempo with some acoustic work and pompous bass.

The vocals also have their spot in this song too. A Porcupine Tree classic. As for the rest of the songs, there is nothing really terrible to say about them.

Most of the ones I didn't discuss were ambient pieces and a few uninspiring slow tracks. It just seemed to me that they were filling up some space. A pretty good album overall, but I wouldn't call this excellent.

The 'Insignificance' demo's added onto the re-master makes the CD a very worthy addition. Since there is another section to describe it, I will do it there. This is an album Porcupine Tree fans should own. Of course, the aforementioned Dark Matter consistently blows my mind with its gentle power. Think structurally and sonically something akin to King Crimson's classic Starless, except with a guitar solo instead of a percussion lead in the latter half.

The single Waiting exists here in its full form, although I find it to gather a good bit more attention and praise than it deserves. This is a much less vocal and certainly much less metal oriented release than all that followed it, so if you want Deadwing style heaviness, Signify won't do too much for you. If you want the extended psychedelia of The Sky Moves Sideways, you'll be somewhat titillated but certainly not fully satisfied.

Signify is, very clearly, a transitional album, and should be listened to and reviewed as such. Great for fans of Porcupine Tree's variety of styles, good for most everybody else. A very transitional album for Porcupine Tree, The fourth album was the first to see them head in a very heavy direction.

Not so far and away from their psychedelic roots as some might think though, this is an album that blends their old style with what would later become their new style in a kind of Porcupine paste. The album is ripe with winding and mind melting instrumentals as we've been familiar with coming from them as well as a whole bunch of songs that use a more down to earth subject manner in this case religion as well as some shorter songs that fall more into ''rock'' territory.

The album is a lot darker than we've seen from the band before, as evident likely with the cover art and the name of the introduction song Bornlivedie this one definitely sees Steve Wilson tuning his guitar down and letting his cynicism flow forth. The songs are generally shorter with only one two-part song even reaching the minute mark, but on the whole this is a very excellently done piece of work from the band. One of the things that stay familiar with the band is the instrumentals.

As with all of their previous albums up to this point, a good chunk of the album is taken up by songs without vocals. While there certainly are a lot more vocals than an album like, say, Up The Downstair , this one is still full of great, hard rocking vocal-less, tunes.

The opening Signify for example starts off the album with a heavy riff pressed forward by a pumping bass. This one is quick and dirty of course because of it's very short length, but that actually works with the song giving it that ''live fast die young'' kind of feel.

Idiot Prayer is another excellently done instrumental track, this one dominated by the bass which picks up around the middle launching the song into a crazy, frantic example of guitar mastery with Wilson shredding away.

Intermediate Jesus is a bit more ambient with the ramblings of what sounds like a televangelist in the background making for a very chilling song. Light Mass Prayers follows up much with the same. While the instrumentals may not often have the same kind of distinct melody or sharpness as in previous albums, these ones use their ambiance where it's present to it's highest potential and deliver something that really makes the audience think. As for the songs with vocals, these ones are getting a lot heavier than we're used to from Porcupine Tree.

Far away are the days of Jupiter Island and Synesthesia as evident by the screaming Sleep Of No Dreaming where Wilson delivers a sharp and cold, heavy track which can best be described as ''dark''. Sever is very similar in tone, the chorus being a bit less harsh but no less forgiving. And the closing Dark Matter is even darker, if more lo-key.

The rhythm section introduces this track with the drums and bass meandering about until they're given direction from the keyboards which introduce Wilson's dark and brooding yet somehow soft vocals. Very well done. Every Home Is Wired is a bit more paranoid sounding than dark.

This is one of the tracks where the parallels to their next album Stupid Dream can definitely be drawn with it's vocal parts and harmonizing chorus. The highlight of this album, however, has to be the two-part Waiting. The first part of which is the only with vocals, and Wilson does them wonderfully.

Part Two is entirely instrumental and remains showing how good the band is at pulling such a stunt. While likely the end of an era, this one leans more towards Heavy than it does towards space and psych. Still very much in kin to both sides of the Porcupine Tree coin, this one should be greatly enjoyable by anyone who likes PT. Perhaps not the best place to start with the band due to it's inherent inaccessibility thanks to the ambiance of some tracks, this one is tough but very rewarding to get into.

Worth a full 4 stars, this is an excellent album, but not their best. Recommended to heavy prog fans and fans for ambient, cynical music with a couple of quick punches. The songs are generally shorter and more structured than on previous releases from the band even though there are room for more improvised instrumental songs like Idiot prayer and Intermediate Jesus.

The style is still psychadelic rock which owes a lot to seventies prog rockers like Pink Floyd. There are new directions in some of the songs though and I think the instrumental title track is the best examble of that. It borders heavy metal which is something Porcupine Tree would pursue later in their career but here we have the first examble of that in their style.

Other good songs to me are The sleep of no dreaming, Waiting Phase one and Sever. I enjoy his playing very much on Signify. The production is good but knowing what Steven Wilson did later on it only reaches good and not excellent. I really like the more tightly structured songs while I dislike the jamming instrumental parts which seems to be going on forever and never reaching a climax. I think this is a 3 star album. Not the best album from Porcupine Tree but certainly not their worst either.

Sever is one of the proggier tracks, but for me the rhythm is too slow and severe: I find it overwhelms the rest and makes the song drag and Every Home is wired is a stereotypical PT number: understated vocals, with passages of overlaid vocals, a mellow and engaging track.

Intermediate Jesus drags and repeats but the soundscape of Light Mass Prayers soothes and eases the mood. The album ends with Dark Matter: my favourite. There is a an emotional charge below the surface: which presents a measured calmness the overlaid vocal enhances this effect. Occasionally the undercurrent surfaces. This remains one of my favourite PT albums, maybe because I think it bridges the gap between the more prog elements and the more popular song format rather than falling between the stools.

Good but not essential. Bornlivedie- Hard to rate. Prologue to the album, amusing and sets the tone quite well. Not much actual music though. Signify- This actually stemmed from an experiment gone wrong from Porcupine Tree covering Neu's Hallogallo.

I like the original version too, but this cut turned out to be more rock-based than the original and works better as the real opener to this album. Fantastic playing, great song to start! Sleep of No Dreaming- Another wonderful song here, with some cool keyboards that almost have a jazzy feel. Great spacey vocals from Steven Wilson and the composition is a pretty solid Porcupine Tree composition. A bit on the mellow side with a wonderful but short guitar part as well.

Pagan- Short but pleasant interlude, continues the haunting, spacey mood. Waiting Phase One- Really good vocals here and the song is extremely well-composed. This is one of my favorites on here and it's one of the first Porcupine Tree songs I ever heard.

The guitar shines in this track and the atmosphere is continued with ease, this time on a more upbeat note. Waiting Phase Two- Awesome opening to this song! I really like the tribal drums and how the sound effects work to create the atmosphere once again. If there's one thing that Porcupine Tree have always been good at, it's making a song sound really good and they know how to build one. Another highlight. Sever- Good song, more in the vein of Sleep of No Dreaming than the last two. I like the chorus and the mood continues quite nicely as well.

Everything flows greatly. Idiot Prayer- Wow, this is a great ambient track! I really like the way this one is composed; the keyboards and drums combine to make an always-exciting piece. The vocal interludes all throughout make analyzing this song even more intriguing. This is my favorite track on here if I had to choose. Not the best on here, especially after the amazing Idiot Prayer, but it is decent nonetheless.

Good vocals and a good atmosphere to it. I like the ending where it takes a turn and descends into a psychedelic ending which gives way to the next song. Intermediate Jesus- Great track here!

It deals with religious fundamentalism but there aren't really any sung vocals here; it is mostly instrumental. I really like the mood to this one and it is in some ways similar to Idiot Prayer in the way that it builds so effectively throughout its duration. Great drums on this one! Light Mass Prayers- Good looped song, but it can get monotonous.

I suppose that's the desired effect, however. Dark Matter- An awesome closer to this album and quite fitting, and the lyrics can be quite depressing which fits the mood. Again, the song structure is good, the song never overstays its welcome, and the instruments all are played with efficiency. Wilson's vocals are good, as always. After a bit of ambient fun the albums kicks of with the kraut trip Signify. The track grew out of an improvisation around Hallogallo but only retains the bouncy rhythm of it.

The basic riff is transformed into a Rush meets Hawkwind trip. Great space rock. Next on is Sleep of No Dreaming. Like much of the music here, it's a dark and sensitive track with a gorgeous chorus that has a very eastern flavour to it, similar to Dislocated Day.

Even though the two previous tracks are excellent, they are surpassed by the stellar Waiting phase 1 and 2. The way the guitar solo bursts out on top of the brooding music in phase 2 is one of those rare moment in rock that make me shiver from delight.

There is no other album from Porcupine Tree that connects with me in such an emotive way. Right, we're only in for a bit more then 20 minutes and this album deserved five stars already.

And the party isn't over yet. Tracks like Sever and Every Home is Wired are a first forebode of things to come on the ensuing album Stupid Dream, with their acoustic guitar driven songwriters approach they would have fit perfectly on SD or LS.

They are balanced against instrumental tracks like Idiot Prayer and Intermediate Jesus. Especially this last one, which also features in its full 15 minute glory on Metanoia is the second highpoint of the album.

This song is built around a very gentle bass line and amazing percussion from Maitland. Wilson spins his most out-there solo from his entire career around it. Simply superb. Light Mass Prayers is a minimalist ambient piece that was written, strangely enough, by the drummer. It's well place on the album to let us catch a little breath after the cosmic rock that came before and the darkest matter it introduces. Porcupine Tree is often criticized for being too much in debt of Pink Floyd.

That is certainly true for the previous album Sky Moves Sideways. But I fail to see why on this album. Apart from a few touches of slide guitar that indeed come straight out of the Dark Side of the Moon this is a very personal blend of many styles, ranging from ambient to pop, kraut, prog and space-rock.

The album connects easily to new listeners with accessible space-rock in shorter doses, melodic leads, and easily assimilated choruses. In contrast to the previous albums with their long and less penetrable soundscapes, "Signify" marks the spot where PT fans who enjoy their latter day accessibility should board the bus. The album opens with a s era radio announcer telling the listener to grab some coffee and kick back for a few hours of relaxing music and at the end tells them they've just been through a heavy session of electro-shock therapy!

After some sound effects mind clutter the title track finds Wilson and Co launching straight into an intense riff. Pure guitar squall follows in a replay of what the previous album offered, and while the intensity is here, brevity is introduced. Here they serve up the psych-space appetizers in more digestible portions. Rather quickly "The Sleep of No Dreaming" shows a new side of PT, one which would become more front and center in the future.

A rather predictable song structure with a repetitious and melodic chorus, allowing someone to actually sing along. After another short trippy interlude called "Pagan" comes the two part stunner "Waiting.

Part two drops the sweetness and gets spacey again for 6 minutes of cosmic. After a couple harder-edged tracks "Every Home is Wired" reverts back to the softer first part of "Waiting. Some of the tracks I didn't mention are less effective and the album is not a masterpiece, but for those who want to hear the band they would become in their embryonic state, yet after the long winded earlier material, you won't regret trying Signify.

Get the two disc set which features a second CD of demos from It is possibly the most experimental album Not counting the debut and The Sky Moves Sideways , due to all the instrumental tracks, which are around half of all the tracks. After the very interesting intro, the title track kicks in, with a very simple guitar riff accompanied by synths, keyboards and other electronics.

A great song though, very different from all the other PT songs so far. After the brief "Pagan", we have the two "Waiting" parts, both similar, calm and mellow, although the first part is more melodic and features vocals, while part two is an instrumental piece, more spacey than the other one.

Love it. The heavy use of synths and keyboards don't really annoy me at all, like usually many dance songs do. I'm not saying this is a a dance song, but it is a little more enlivened in a way and in some parts. Definitely not PT at their highest point. After the weird and creepy "Light Mass Prayers", we have "Dark Matter", the longest track of the album.

Very mellow, spacey, like all the other songs, but this one is more relaxing, a little more down-to- earth. Isn't bad at all.

A really good album to sum up, I particularly recommend to PT fans and whoever wants to hear their early works, for a change. Porcupine Tree is a band that I don't get what is so great about, until now. This album is one of the lowest rated on PA and I do find it very interesting to listen to, besides that seems like there's a lot of emotions and intensity within the music.

In comparison with In Absentia or Deadwing, this particular album is way more interesting, less catchy, maybe but it's a lot better to enjoy. The catchy riffs and the acoustic tunes are great as well and the music in general is a lot more interesting, maybe the vibe, maybe the emotion, but this album is a lot more interesting that all their work they do after this one. Maybe the album is a little dispersed.

There are many ideas pulling in different directions, not like The Incident, which is plain boring and one dimensional. This album has its unexpected moments and seems to have different approaches. Second, I do believe that the band was way more inspired back on those days, because I found their recent albums a little boring and unemotional at all, but this album it's a hidden jewel. It's not that different though. You will find the regular PT, but a little more oriented to sampling and space rock more than the heavy rock orientation they took later on.

On in on, this is a good album to enjoy, especially in a cloudy rainy day as today is here in my Country. I don't think it's a corner stone of Prog or Space rock, but is good enough to enjoy. I do recommend this album for any music lover, and for rock-ambience-space rock lovers.

This is the album of Porcupine Tree to get. Yes, a little more than the rest of their music, but not that significant. Great album. Enjoy it! Later albums would locate a better balance. But at this early stage of development Steve Wilson and company were still looking a stable identity to call their own.

Note the heavy reliance on sound samples as a compositional tool "Idiot Prayer"; "Intermediate Jesus"; "Sever" again : a shorthand tactic rarely heard in subsequent efforts. Wilson, as the band's chief spokesperson and primary songwriter, gets most of the press and public attention. But it's Richard Barbieri's dreamlike aura of synthesizers that more clearly defines the group's mystique, in much the same way as it did for David Sylvian's solo albums and in the art rock ensemble Japan.

Don't remove the CD before the tongue-in-cheek spoken epilogue after the long, haunting album finale "Dark Matter". That song's title is, by the way, a perfect summary of the band's entire aesthetic: the unseen substance holding their sound together over the course of what would soon become an increasingly high-profile career. The design is boring and uninspired. If you take a closer look, you can see that the entire typography was miserably vectorized from one template.

I have a feeling Peter is using a language translator, Tim not a very good one at that lol. Filmclip for single, is NOW up also. Great news that Amazon. De are doing the box set — it fits in to my August expenditure and not my June expenditure. Thanks for the tip Paul. Thanks so much for the heads up , I absolutely loved the new single and really enjoyed Toy. This is a bargain imo , CD , vinyl , blu ray , dvd and a signed print? If it by some chance does get a uk release I can easily cancel.

Just listened to the new song. I have all their albums, singles, etc. It sounds like a B-Side or something they phoned in. With headphones on you can hear more noise than expected. Finally, the artwork is boring. Artwork for me is an important opportunity to sell the music inside. It will not make a similarly-mastered audio stream sound any better than if it were pressed to CD the old-fashioned way. Of course being properly remastered and cleaned up is first priority. Thank you very much. Ordered right before reading the whole news.

Will be interesting how many prints they will sign, if it is not a exclusive. Hope JPC will not take more pre-orders than they will finally get. Have you seen how horrendous Pet Shop Boys artworks are lately? Thanks again Paul….

I agree — JPC is an excellent site. I live in Germany and its a real bonus to have a great independent alternative to Amazon. I remember using their plus pages mail order catalogue as a compendium to look up releases. Pre Internet, ca ish… is mail order and Munich store still around? Gruss aus Florida.

Yes, it was in at the Documenta in Kassel. Not too thrilled with the new single. Maybe a few remixes might make it sound a little better. Paul maybe you could interview Boris and Dieter and ask them at some point? Thanks, Paul, this is great news. Cheers, Justin. Been listening to a lot of Yello recently. Will undoubtedly pre-order this. Well, the signed box was an instant buy before even reading about it. To finally have something signed will be a nice addition to my Yello collection.

Fantastic news, just ordered the limited edition through JPC, very simple. Yello, best electronic group after Kraftwerk, amazing they are still very active and always on spot. Thank you Paul!

Although I almost always prefer long extended versions, not in this case. Talking about electronic music pioneers. Jean Michel Jarre plays an online virtual reality concert on Sunday Only one Box per custumer.

It seems that the signed box is not someting special to JPC. Other German dealers are offering this box, too. Pls check, Paul. Thanks for this. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of the German Limited Edition. This is great news. I just ordered the signed collectors box. Retrieved 11 October No Ripcord. Retrieved 3 December Hung Medien. Retrieved 27 October GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved 30 May Official Charts Company.

Andy Bell Vince Clarke. Crackers International Am I Right? Remixed Erasure. Club Phantom Bride EP. The Two Ring Circus Pop!

The First 20 Hits Hits! The Very Best of Erasure Pop! Remixed Total Pop! CD Digital download. Rolling Stone. Retrieved 24 May Official Charts Company. Wrabel - Single by Afrojack". Wrabel] - Single by Afrojack".

Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 20 May The Guardian. USA Today. Paste Magazine. Paste Media Group. Hung Medien. Retrieved June 1,

To achieve this aim, the U.S. Albums CD box set demands comparison with several other notable musical CD sources. Firstly, there are the / editions of The Capitol Albums box sets, (Vol.1 and Vol.2) which represented the first time that the American albums were officially released onto CD and is the most obvious, direct, comparative source.

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