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When will he return? Recent Weather Signs As any observant Biblical reader knows, God uses weather at various times for his Identity and for Judgement, from Genesis through the Final NT Book of Revelation Many religious people, distressed by the ongoing cruelty and immorality in the US, feel The unusual weather extremes occurring throughout our nation are distinct evidence of God's increasing despair and unhappiness with the general, overall public attitude And behavior.

When Detective Seth Harding responds to shots being fired, he faces a familiar sight: a double homicide. However, he is shocked to find a young boy chained in the basement. The terrified child refuses to speak, but Seth knows he is the key to something sinister.

Reluctantly, Seth calls the only social worker he trusts with the traumatized boy—his wife. With torrential rain bearing down, threatening to isolate their little town in a killer flood, Seth and Carly know the best way to keep the boy safe from danger is to take him back to their farm.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. He told me he had known that I carried money and medicine. We waited for you to go to sleep and planned to kill you and take your money and drugs. Just as we were about to move into your campsite, we saw that you were surrounded by 26 armed guards.

My five friends also saw them, and we all counted them. It was because of those guards that we were afraid and left you alone. The man in the congregation then gave his side of the story.

I was preparing to play golf. As I put my bags in the car, I felt the Lord leading me to pray for you. In fact, the urging was so great that I called the men of this church together to pray for you. Will all of those men who met to pray please stand? Jeremiah adds But what if the missionary had no such story to report?

What if the golfer never heard about what his prayers had accomplished? We may pray for something or someone for years and never see anything happen. Does that mean that nothing is happening, that we should give up and use our energy on something more productive? God is at work in response to our prayers, whether we see something happening or not. But they are working just the same.

It was , and the U. As I and my comrades were cautiously making our way through a thickly wooded area, word came that the company ahead of us had been badly shot up by the enemy and that Company I was to replace them. When my company arrived on the scene, I was appalled by the grimness of the situation. Only a handful of wounded, bleeding soldiers hiding behind a large stone house at the edge of the woods had survived.

The route to Ossenburg had been completely blockaded. Just as the soldier ahead of me took a step, something to the left caught my eye. I stopped and stared in amazement. Taking advantage of this miraculous turn of events, I and my fellow soldiers bolted into the clearing and ran for our lives.

I will never forget what happened next. The instant the soldier scrambled to safety, the cloud vanished! Just like that. It was gone. The Germans, thinking they still had us pinned down behind the stone house on the other side of the field, radioed its position to their artillery.

Minutes later, the house was blown to bits. Two weeks later, a letter arrived from my mother back in Dallas, Texas. Tankersly from our church? Get up now and pray for him! Prayer is work, the hardest work you will ever do. It is grueling labor. It is agonizing. It is coming to God and coming to grips with the realities of your life. Too often in our prayers we merely mention our needs.

There is no urgency at all. Come to God in persistent, importunate prayer. Jesus also taught the disciples the prayer of patience. Your heavenly Father will explain it all one day. He cannot just yet because He is developing your character. Oh how good, and kind, and gracious, and condescending is the One with Whom we have to do! He has given me, unworthy as I am, immeasurably above all I had asked or thought!

Do you know what I found? Everything God does in the work of ministry, He does through prayer. What we do for the Lord is entirely dependent upon what we receive from the Lord, and what we receive from the Lord is entirely dependent upon what we are in the Lord, and what we are in the Lord is entirely dependent upon the time we spend alone with the Lord in prayer. This number indicates a 66 percent increase since Experts say the condition has skyrocketed as children spend more time indoors, staring at computer screens.

The prediction is that by the number will increase to one third. There is such a condition in the church also. We get so involved looking at the things around us that we fail to see the spiritual condition and the spiritual need in the greater world. Pray for eyes that can see the fields white for harvest. Wilson and Rodger Russell. Are You Really? Why do you ask? A religion of words! It is not enough to know the language; we must also live the life. Have you been born again by the Spirit?

The answer can only be yes or no. The kids have their books, tapes, and games. The car-top carrier clearly signals to all observers that our family is taking a trip. But before we leave the driveway, we always stop and pray—asking God for safety and for family unity on our trip. Prayer habits are helpful tools to remind us of our dependence on God.

Perhaps you have some habits of your own. Before you eat, you pray. Maybe before the kids leave for school, you pray. Before they go to bed, you pray. Developing prayer habits can be of tremendous help to those of us who want to develop a close relationship with the Lord but find that the busyness of the day squeezes out the time we had hoped to spend with Him.

David, who wrote Psalm 55, said that he prayed in the morning, noon, and evening Ps Daniel prayed three times a day Daniel Like them, we would be wise to develop prayer habits. If not, when could you set aside time to focus your thoughts on God and talk to Him?

To make the most of your time, take time to pray. Dave Branon. Moody was a preacher of stature, drawing great crowds of people and enjoying a measure of success. But one night after a service, two women asked to speak with Mr.

They pointed out his need to receive the Holy Spirit. After much prayer and searching the Scriptures, Mr. Moody was gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit. Ed : I believe Moody had the Spirit, so this must represent him dying to self and recognizing his need to continually be filled with the Spirit.

There is no question that after this event, the results of Moody's ministry were not natural but supernatural! And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved. A pastor was speaking at a missionary conference in Quito Ecuador. He spent some time with a missionary couple who had worked with an Indian tribe for a number of years. When he received what he asked for, he spent it all for selfish pleasure and landed in a pigsty.

So often we think of prayer as a means of trying to get what we want instead of a means of letting God direct our lives. Therefore, Dr. Of course, we can express our desires to God. Jesus did. Where have we arrived in prayer? The other day I read of a mother who died, leaving her child alone and very poor.

She used to pray earnestly for her boy, and left an impression upon his mind that she cared more for his soul than she cared for anything else in the world. He grew up to be a successful man in business, and became very well off. One day not long ago, after his mother had been dead for twenty years, he thought he would remove her remains and put her into his own lot in the cemetery, and put up a little monument to her memory.

As he came to remove them and to lay her away the thought came to him, that while his mother was alive she had prayed for him, and he wondered why her prayers were not answered.

That very night that man was saved. After his mother had been buried so long a time, the act of removing her body to another resting place, brought up all the recollections of his childhood, and he became a Christian. O, you mothers! Only a few years ago in the City of Philadelphia there was a mother that had two sons. They were just going as fast as they could to ruin. They were breaking her heart, and she went into a little prayer-meeting and got up and presented them for prayer.

They had been on a drunken spree or had just got started in that way, and she knew that their end would be a drunkard's grave, and she went among these Christians and said, "Won't you just cry to God for my two boys? After his brother came he found the place too crowded to enter, so he too went curiously into another meeting and found Christ, and went home happy; and when he got home he told his mother what the Lord had done for him, and the second son came with the same tidings.

I heard one of them get up afterwards to tell his experience in the young converts' meeting, and he had no sooner told the story than the other got up and said: "I am that brother, and there is not a happier home in Philadelphia than we have got. I remember being in the camp and a man came to me and said, "Mr. Moody, when the Mexican war began I wanted to enlist.

My mother, seeing I was resolved, said if I became a Christian I might go. She pleaded and prayed that I might become a Christian, but I wouldn't. I said when the war was over I would become a Christian, but not till then. All her pleading was in vain, and at last, when I was going away, she took out a watch and said: 'My son, your father left this to me when he died.

Take it, and I want you to remember that every day at 12 o'clock your mother will be praying for you. I took the watch and the Bible just because my mother gave them. I never intended to read the Bible. I went off to Mexico, and one day while on a long, weary march, I took out my watch, and it was 12 o'clock. I had been gone four months, but I remembered that my mother at that hour was praying for me.

Something prompted me to ask the officer to relieve me for a little while, and I stepped behind a tree away out on those plains of Mexico, and cried to the God of my mother to save me. He said, "I am going home, and I am not going to sleep to-night till Christ takes away my sins, if I have to stay up all night and pray.

I'll do it. His mother had taught him to pray, but it was so long since he had uttered a prayer that he had forgotten. However, the publican's prayer came to his mind. Everybody can say this prayer. That man in the gallery yonder, that young lady over there: "God be merciful to me a sinner. If you forget the sermon, don't forget that prayer. It is a very short prayer, and it has brought joy--salvation--to many a soul. Well, this prayer came to the man, and he began, "God be merciful to me a--," but before he got to "sinner" God blessed him.

At the Fulton street prayer-meeting a man came in, and this was his story. He said he had a mother who prayed for him; he was a wild, reckless prodigal. Some time after his mother's death he began to be troubled. He thought he ought to get into new company, and leave his old companions. So he said he would go and join a secret society; he thought he would join the Odd Fellows.

They went and made inquiry about him, and they found he was a drunken sailor, so they black-balled him. They would not have him. He then went to the Freemasons; he had nobody to recommend him, so they inquired and found there was no good in his character, and they, too, black-balled him. They didn't want him. One day, some one handed him a little notice in the street about the prayer-meeting, and he went in. He heard that Christ had come to save sinners. He believed Him; he took Him at his word; and, in reporting the matter, he said he "came to Christ without a character, and Christ hadn't black-balled him.

I once knew a little cripple who lay upon her death-bed. She had given herself to God, and was distressed only because she could not labor for Him actively among the lost. Her clergyman visited her, and hearing her complaint, told her that there from her sick-bed she could offer prayers for those whom she wished to see turning to God.

He advised her to write the names down, and then to pray earnestly; and then he went away and thought of the subject no more. Soon a feeling of great religious interest sprang up in the village, and the churches were crowded nightly. The little cripple heard of the progress of the revival, and inquired anxiously for the names of the saved. A few weeks later she died, and among a roll of papers that was found under her little pillow, was one bearing the names of fifty-six persons, every one of whom had in the revival been converted.

By each name was a little cross, by which the poor crippled saint had checked off the names of the converts as they had been reported to her. I remember a child that lived with her parents in a small village. One day the news came that her father had joined the army it was at the beginning of our war , and a few days after the landlord came to demand the rent.

The mother told him she hadn't got it, and that her husband had gone into the army. He was a hard hearted wretch, and he stormed and said that they must leave the home; he wasn't going to have people who couldn't pay the rent. After he was gone, the mother threw herself into the arm-chair, and began to weep bitterly. Her little girl whom she had taught to pray in faith but it is more difficult to practice than to preach , came up to her, and said, "What makes you cry, mamma?

I will pray to God to give us a little house, and won't He? So the little child went into the next room and began to pray. The door was open, and the mother could hear every word. Give us a little home. The mother felt reproved. I can tell you, however, she has never paid any rent since, for God heard the prayer of that little one, and touched the heart of the cruel landlord.

God give us the faith of that little child, that we may likewise expect an answer, "nothing wavering. A little child whose father and mother had died, was taken into another family. The first night she asked if she could pray, as she used to do. They said "Oh yes. Perhaps when you are dead and gone your prayer will be answered. When I was in London there was a leading doctor in that city, upwards of seventy years of age, wrote me a note to come and see him privately about his soul.

The end being that snowball I mentioned earlier--a worldwide revolution against God. They will be put down and destroyed at the battle of Armageddon. War is a heart-disease amongst humanity. People's hearts are evil and set to do mischief. A young Palestinian mother recently blew herself up in a homicide bombing in Israel. Her little baby left with no mother. Can you really tell me that you believe this will come to an end? It surely will not!

Not until Jesus returns to take control. Judgment is Coming to the United States. Do you really think China will never attack the U. Do you really think Russia will never attack the U. Friend, war is a fact of life. Chinese women were brought in by the truck loads and gang raped by Japanese soldiers. Do you really think this couldn't happen to the U.

War stories should scare you my friend because America is not invincible. No nation is unconquerable. My grave concern is that we are going to destroy our selves first, from within. Do you really think the United Nations will bail us out?

Friend, we are the United Nations. If The U. As communists try to take away our right to bare arms and sodomites try to undermine the morals of society, where are we headed from here? I fear we're going down a continued down-ward spiral. While Americans are living-it-up in complacency, we have enemies around the world that are simply waiting for their chance to conquer. Don't misunderstand me, I love America! See how sincere I was? I deserve to be in heaven. If sincerity and good works were good enough to satisfy God, then He wouldn't have given us the Bible to correct our sincerely wrong ideas, and He wouldn't have sent His Son to do what our good works cannot.

The truth is important not because it is simply true. It is important because truth is what defines whom and what we believe. Is Jesus the brother of the devil as in Mormonism? Is he an angel who became a man? Or, is He the creator of the universe, second person of the Trinity? Only one is right. Faith is vital.

But faith placed in something false is the same as having no faith at all. Faith is only as good as the object in which it is placed. That is why it is important to have the true Jesus--the one of the Bible and not the one of Mormonism and nor the one of the Jehovah's Witnesses. What is truth in Christ? Truth is what God says is true. Only One God Christianity : True Christian doctrine is that there is only one God who has ever existed anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

God doesn't even know of any other Gods Isaiah There is only one God in existence in the entire universe. Why do Matthew and Luke have different genealogies of Jesus? Do the narratives of Jesus' birth contradict each other? What is the importance of Jesus' baptism? Why was He baptized? What were Jesus' desert temptations and what can we learn from them? Why is the Transfiguration significant? Why did Jesus curse a fig tree? What is the importance of Jesus cursing the fig tree? Why did Jesus cleanse the temple?

Did Jesus cleanse the temple more than once? What is the triumphal entry? How is the triumphal entry significant? What is the Last Supper and why is it significant? What is the passion of Christ? The Stations of the Cross — What are they? What can we learn from the Scriptural Way of the Cross? What did Jesus mean when He said, 'let this cup pass from me'?

The love of Christ — What is it? What is the significance of the blood of Christ? Why did Jesus have to suffer so badly? What is the reason for Jesus' suffering? What happened in the last hours before Jesus' death? What legal trials of Jesus led to His crucifixion?

Who is responsible for Jesus Christ's death? Did Jesus receive thirty-nine 39 lashes from the Romans? What is the significance of the crown of thorns? Was Jesus crucified on a cross, or could it have been a pole or a stake? INRI - What does it stand for? What was the inscription placed on Jesus' cross? Did the crucifixion nails go through Jesus' hands or wrists? What are the last seven sayings of Christ and what do they mean?

Why did Jesus pray 'Father, forgive them' from the cross? What day of the week was Jesus crucified? Was Jesus crucified on a Friday? If so, how did He spend three days in the tomb if He was resurrected on Sunday? Why does it matter that Jesus was dead for three days?

How was Jesus' death a real sacrifice if He knew He would be resurrected? Where was Jesus crucified? How many hours was Jesus on the cross? The Swoon Theory - What is it?

Hello welcome to Truth of Jesus Christ. Here you will find reviews on certain doctrines of Christianity, reviewing the glory of Christ, exposing false doctrines and the lies of this world, and connecting ourselves to God. I’m a Non Denominational Christian National Socialist, KJV user, Young Earth Creationist, Flat Earther, Holocaust denier.

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  9. The truth about Jesus Christ is that, when we look only at this hybrid concept, we lose clear sight of the man as a man and the myth as a meaningful faith claim. What we hope to do is excavate.

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