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Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. Select one Female Male Unspecified. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You may already know people on Myspace. Maybe it's Maybe I'm barely alive Maybe you've taken my shit for the last time Maybe I know that I'm drunk Maybe I know you're the one Maybe you're thinking it's better if you drive. I'm coming to you now doin' 20 over the limit The red light, red light stop, stop skrrt I don't play when it comes to my heart let's get it though I don't really want a white horse and a carriage I'm thinkin' more of a white Porsches and karats I need you right here 'cause every time you call I play with this kitty like you play with your guitar.

Idk must be a friend or something but go to rap genius and click on some songs and some give him credit to helping write it.. You need to understand that Drake is still a good artist, but he cant be considered as one of the best if most of his shit is written for him, aint no arguing that fact. He a talented artist with versatility. Yeah I just looked this Nigga up. He thinkin of signing me I come home we make a mixtape wit 17 songs and almost get a Grammy off of that thang, love yo son man dat boy gone.

We make a mixtape with 17 songs and almost win a Grammy off that thing, they love your son man that boy gone. Everyone knows Wayne also write for rappers since back then…they came at weezy neck to about ghostwriters but he killed that rumour real quick by spitting facts about him writing to for niggas.

Boy that song wus played out two months before the album dropped, idek why its even on there, the best song is no telling, or know yourself. Why we actn like this nigga wrote for his whole career, he jus halped out a lil w his newest album, thats it, which wus a new sound.

Drakes struggle? Drakes love life? Kids really on here defending drake like a bunch of girls dragging other rappers in to this WeezyFBaby and King Fresh are white or a bunch of nerd gay ass people. I think they helped him right it because you wayne would put his own touch such as change a few words here and there and then put it out.. This dude had a whole damn verse leak what more do you idiots want as proof why you think his songs been lackluster and out of character lately you idiots stop bringing up other artist to defend drake and face the fact.

Lol and the songs I fuck from iyrtitl r energy,10bandz , no tellin, know yourself and star 67 lol. Hip Hop is a competition. You think Wayne would have tweeted about another niggas album back in 07 when he was The Rapper Eater?

No chance. Waynes just to humble these days. Meek Mill with the L boy! And wayne changed some lyrics around and gave him credit. Therefore not ghost written hoe there is a difference. Kanye supposedly does still, and all those rumors of gillie writing for wayne are cleared up idk bout em and jay tho two of the GOATS both awesome at what they do I doubt that. Charlie says its amazing that he is in a song with wayne, and its not Wayne ft charlie or charlie puth ft wayne, but Charlie Puth and Wayne.

Your boy turns 23 going to bring Colorado goods. Buying my flight to New Orleans but my mom wants me to come to Miami after the show. WTF is going on…. His shit is unoriginal…. Anny rapper that raps today is influenced by weezys flows. Most influential. Gotta just live wit it. Jus know weezy started it and does it best. Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. Privacy Policy. Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. Audio Previous Next.

Share and Enjoy: Tweet. Dre album this year? Renn Tiggy. Wayne killed it been a while since he said young mula baby! He said it on 4 my dawgs.

Bold statement. Cant wait for that to be released. You hear the original 10 bands yet? The one before drake rapped it. Na you got link? My too biggest fans. You gay af. Jonny Bones. Fr tho. Somebody wrote and spit 10 bands too lmao… Drake Just re spit it.

Says who? Lmao fr? The link too Damn long. Stop bringing kendrick up. Every album got those credits. Check FHD to c3. What kobe said.. No artist comes up with every single line man. Come on now. Just said that …. The track is on funkflex soundcloud if you want to listen. How do they know when this shit was recorded?

Meek story adds up now. Why flex gotta lie on drake. So flex making up Drake pays the nigga 5k a month? He dug and did his research.

Dam I just heard quinten miller 10 bandz smh drake. Makes no sense tbh. They just looking for anything to bring him down lol. Bc niggas spittin his shit for him..

Just like the verse on Meeks album. Could of been recorded today like shit doee lol. Did any of you guys fuck with that dear anne song? Really underrated. Yep heard that and I hate love yesterday. I forgot all bout that shit.

Forgot about it til now. This like Kids finding out Santa aint real and ya mf parents giving you them gifts. Bean state facts only. And people used to say drake ghostwrote for lil wayne …. I said that earlier to my friend lol. Refresh and actually read you naive ignorant fucks.

Of course. Just downloaded that 10 bands by Quentin. Historic classic piece here. Gah damn. Idk what to say anymore. You just a fat liar. More power to you. The lil 1 minute version or is there a full version? That new batman any good? Hell ya. Gonna have to check that out. Fuck ya. She right on the money. Crowned King. Damn Drizzy. Alchemist and Bronson need to make a collab album mannn.

Any rappers. Boy she spanked em on that song. Spanked is harsh to say, Em was spittin flames, outmatched might be the better word. Nas lowkey suck at freestyling.. You ever heard his tim Westwood freestyle?

Once he got warmed up he was really freestyling. Just refresh and claim your L on the way out. Noah 40 brought up some good points.

What he say? Fr lol nicki prob left his ass and he was salty. They are a fan of the person more than the creator. Being ignorant. A rapper. Is this riak???? Key word: Reference And could of been recorded today who knows. Hop of drake. So fucking accurate. Nah wake up. Real shit lol. Q probably heard what meek said and put up this track real quick lmao. I would stop listening to rap if I found out Wayne had ghostwriters on c2 and c3.

He still ha it we just waiting to get the money bruh. FWA was truly growth mane lol in a way.. He almost dere. He better gtf outta here lmfao.. Not true. Bitch this a new time lmao. Jay dont. Hahahahah you funny. Every rapper does. Go lol at there album credits.

Not like 10 bands stealin a flow and everything foh. Mf did you listen to what dude said in the link YOU gave us? Except w few lines. Fuck him. Twitter would of broke. Watch vlad interview him bout it soon… you heard it here first lol.

Lol smh everyone would had believed him too. Tell em. Whoever defending this making excuses showing your true colors. You have no love for the art. Peer was ghost writing for Wayne in and why you think he was so wack then. Pen Game is everything in hip-hop. Nah theres a difference between help and having a whole song written for you. You hip. Dam got em. Right picked the song with timberlake put down as a writer but has his own verse lol. Every artist has help sir.. J Roc, Timbaland, No I.

How do you not know that. Lmfao tru. I kind of get what 40 is saying but did q write or na? Yeah he helped write for the album. Helped with some songs. This song is pretty good to get turnt. Rebirth had a lot of help from the bitches at ym. Ok yall want a solo song…here we go. Every rapper has help. You that press to defend drake? Lol damn boss. Just want it to be known every rapper including drake has help.

We kno that. Composers are also producers man… Why would Jay have Hit-Boy write his songs???? Not write but help. Yes I do I fuck with his music. Come on man. As long as drake with ym he got my support. Yall want a pac and big song now or are we good? You do know your not really proving much of a point right?

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