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Ami hearthie cinnamon stars Maika-Maese. Maple Dreams Complete version Maika-Maese. Featured Gallery See all. Watchers 15 See all. Watching Collection Favourites. Hoja-2 MDDavid1vazquez. Bailors' Unkm leader. I Lundeberg met informally with I Assutant Secretary of labor Phillip Hannah, sent here bv plane to try to arrange a nice. Both declined comment, Lundeberg.

The general strlka threat came from Paul Halt. At Wetasklwin a farmer who at- tempted to d liver cream to a creamery had It dumped despite his R. At fitoney Plain pickets were reported lo have I opened the tailgate of a tfurk and j let escape a score of hogs destined I for market. Tha elevators were remaining open for business, however. TTiere erere. Nearly all mate- ihorUgr aUttatlon.

The Navy dlackaed this tonight In a eomewhat terse announcement that the Utlklng iofor- malty, pointed out that the drotruc- Uve power of capital ships can be Increased enormously by use of far reaching mltaHas bdiMd to Iht target W electronk beams or drawn there by tbs aUracUoo of Ihs steal or bMt to Use t ar ge t nsev. AJihough the main weapons of the two big fighters will be a draa- Uc departure from tradlUon. Both huDs have conventional design power plants.

Tha by-elettion. In the list general election. Although the Conserrauves have woo the seat 11 times and the Liberals 10 since 1M7.

Cargoes Imported durlnt July and August totaled Id Jnly 37 vcaacls eolered the pert bearlog In Angwst M ahtps ca- tered with Tthls figure did not equal the total for August last year when jshlpmeni to other countries bolstered It to 2. Grain shipments through New Westminster In August totaled They like their six-day-old.

Marie, one of the famous five, summed It all up: "He's much better than my Shirley Trinplr doll. A board of alien- ists who examined Heircns found that he is legalUy sane and did not suffer from any peyrhosls or mental retardation- He was sentenced lu life Imprisonment. Hr was arraigned before Chief justice Harold C.

Ward of the criminal court and be pleaded guiliy to Uirec murders and 39 too per rent lossi. Ray- mond Maguire in police lineup. I had the handbag lu my hand and I didn't know where it came from " Police said Uiey found Ute iiaiid- bag In his room. He told them he intended to throw It gway but "never got around to It.

Police charged him with burglary while contemplating the legal problem of whether a peraon can be guilty of a crime If actually sleepwalking hnspitals and cUnlcs. But the girls were small then and living In their nursery, apart from the rest of the family.

It wa'n'l until last week that they experienced all the excitement that Bccnmpsnirx a new nrrlval in the ianiiiv- O. Planning Winter Driv. Against Black Markets in U. The new ccilmg prices will mean that retail meat prices will average 3S cents a pound higher.

Furthermore, meat probably will be scarce after the revised ceilings apply. Sepl 7. George Monehsiwh. P A admInLstratoi in charge of enforce- ment. For the big operators, be prem- ised. The crusade against a black mar- ket In meat is Intended to keep housewrivea ram paying even more than the The In Spokane the operators were predict- ing a meat famine. Receipts at the old Union Stock- yards there was down to a mere trickle.

Plants on both sides of the state indicated. Custer, flying the American flag. Into port yesterday. Capt M. Issued a lengthy statement to reporter! Bridal Wreath. Inclusive of refqndable portion of the excess profits Ux. Wyo, Bept. In lum. Abbott and Coatello claimed the promoter had not lived up to hU agreement and "has Tefused to give us any part of the aest money.

They aaid the promotar told them Ancient cosmogrnphers believed It was so hot on that part of tha earth directly beneath the sun that no life could exist. Leonard van Vleet. Mount Hope W Va. Shoes, coverall tied at shoe tops, self-rescuer on belt, safety lamp In crashproof helmet, ahatter- proof spectacles and featherweight dust mask all Insure maximum ir QUALITY. M P for Nanalmn Mr Dlefenbakrr. The school, op- erated by the Canadian Vocational Training program has already han- dled enrollments nearly equal the present class.

F iJirson. Patalltles resulting from these ac- cidents showed an lncrea. An Increase from 3. Per- laons injured up to July 31 this year I total I. PM, compared with an Injury j toll of 1. Field Marshal Viscount Montgom- ery told assembled scholars at Pam- ham Grammar School that he owned an umbrella but never a walking stick, after he was presented with a gold-mounled malarca cane during a visit there. Cooke, eldest son of Mrs 1 H. H Okell. X-rays, IIB: im- pressions.

Shortage of dentists here and throughout Canada U still delaying veteraru' treatment. Okell ob- aerved. Yet Instead of expanding, fanners are selling off their herds. The reason? Said Mr. Williams "The labor shortage Is the worst 1 have seen In 30 years.

Mr Williams declared- He himself plans to cut his dairy hard by two-thirds next month, and he 'knows of Innumerable others who sre taking similar action.

During the war older farmers worked 13 or 14 hours a day without complaint, thinking that their worries would be over when the war was over and young men relumed, said C.

Mr Smith said Instead of their worries be- ing ovtL they were merely i:tsrtlng. Men fraaen In farm labor during the war began to drUt away, and the young men who came back headed for the city llghta Instead of the good earth. Fred Borden, president of the Dairymens Assnclatlon.

For remedies. Don't delay berau'-e nf materia shortaKes Talk it over with us now. In the Church of Our Lord haU. Ixmg hours involved In the very nature of the work 3. Sepi 7 Jf'. The Can- training cniiae. When It U filings of goodwill toward!

Yearly 4. It has to be sought, but when found it esn be infinitely rewarding Love ,ifcjuliiha. Its answer is to be found in the living. Life has to he fired at first band: but all of its decisions, and thoughts, and actions are. Unreflective times arc unregenerative. Life ia bojicd. I he lessons that arc there for the learning go unabsorbed. Speed becomes as a god.

Change is worshipped whether it brings improvement or not. Ail that man has been, in sum he is. These are 'he eternal verities, whuh every change makes but the more real and the more secure I hey have, as ihcv long have had. Mijsht School It is a wide program ol night schcxil train-. Depending on the number of enrollments, which i. October I. Others may be unable to aflord the time spent in acquiring specialized skills Night classes also provide means to augment the general knowledge of those who have already com- pleted the regular day school schedules.

The published lists of subjects to, be taught emphasize the comprehensive nature of the efasses. On the face of it. I94A of needed farm commodities. T he creation of such a board would commit the Govern- nunc to nothing. T here would be no precipitate adjustment of prices without full inquiry as to cause and effect. The strike weapon a a serions dislocaticm under any circumstances and a grave responsibility tests on officials who introduce its use. There is a corresponding obligation on governmental officials, however, to see that every avenue of conciliation ys explored to prevent the need for such summary action.

In the present case, it does nor seem that Ottawa has recognized its duty in this regard. That is reasonably clear. The time to negotiate is - brtoTT. Petrie, a Canadian aurunonKr. What he said was not entirely new to astronomy, because it con- tained a digest ol some ot the gleanings of the last thirty years — much of it gathered at Canada's own observatory near Royal Oak.

He praised men such as the late Dr. Plaskftt and the late Dr. Pearce — one of Canada's loicmosl as- fopliysicists today — and others who. Ik universe In quiet terms with charts and lantern slides, he told of the He placed our sun and its.

Shades of green, yellow. Sometimes the metamorphosis happens in a single niglit. It is the old familiar scene in a new dress. Merdlc had decided to cast the weight of his great probity and great riches into the Barnacle scale. Jobbery was suspected by he malicious, perhaps becauK it was indisputable that it the ad- herence of the immortal Enemy of.

Mankind could have been secured by a job. From, l. John Cay. Secret path marks secret toe. If some steady advertiser does DOS come to the rescue. Their popular! There ore. One of Uva moat entertaining slghic is tp. Prom The Peterborough Ka- attuner. Harold LuslU. Mittite I or t ir Bhnd. ViniA of the dlro-ase Is iraiU- niltted bv raosquiiMcs. Salt Uke City, Uiali, recently strapped it. Meat— Noa. Imlusive represenu London UolvcrMty in the sogar -Noa. The British cannot answer hU son.

Now know' Sl. Tt seems book in that household and Church-. I'm hy the British press, and among ' More formal Jurtsta amorM higher damned If the ghosi'walke until our [ Ihe public is receiving treatment civil servants who are accustomed to jsalarlefi are paid'" With our tak - 1 similar to the reoeptioo of!

It w'As nhn the Ellr. U know Bingham extremely well. Roosevelt, who gladly w- when his charaeiera said "A man of i evenU the general opinion la that lo several confereneea, might return cepied.

I approving silence. SroUb-h de. I Quebec. Since a new national flag mimj m um MiMi am m iamfim antagonizing other inlereaU. Line to the pubUo ot Victoria or in the Vale of Evesham.

U dally ex- the railways. J oMrsi unchanged national flao In 1 noticeable trend towards the, I extstencs. CoopcLs-iaUer In Tuesday s paper. Greater Victoria does not remain! Our mayor! I j upon the approach of hunters. ViT'orU PC. Ted OuTock la bulldli. RR 3 , Victoria, BC. V 29 M wT 9 99 19 99 hump Is extra Atoraee ipace for fat.

Durlmn A BrnUe. F O- them and aueh a trewwire hmiw M Richards, for aaclatant. Messrs Mcfrtffe. Durban A Bf'xtle. F O- Richards, for assistant.

Messrs MeNtffe. Derkaeo and Oelger. Bn ihey fkKided Viclnna with suvercigiM. I directly. In aet on foot the French and Sardinian flve-livre. W ,hich.

Tha players moanted the drop. In aoe year. I UenalisU. Sept 7 oB. If Byrnes had his way. Russia, Britain and Prance ' would lie together Oennany's fi- nance, transportation, foreign trade gitd industry. In other words.

Pre- gurtrllla lactica. If you like. Britain said lOkay. Cage of kmg-drawn-out defence Civil war in ClUna wouM be no lines and concentrating on sudden, modem battle of mechanical mun- bothersome raids, sicri. And the Commuiisu would for supplying national garris'.

The air force, how- gueirUla lactica, if you like. Sept - g.. Mn Plao. Joseph Bek. Vbu'll be amazed— sod ob-so-pleased with the wonderful, like- new cfuslity of your garments after wg clean them.

Try our Saniionc servict tust once. The mat- functions before flying to Ottawa cases and similar objects with the and seconded by Sir Henry Dray- ter will come before a Joint session Quebec.

I skins of raU. W R Adams of Vernon. Bept 7 OPi. Osborn, militant evangelist who indoors and preach to the converted, j this use of church money when It j Bunday school aUendanre In recently was elected general of the Instead of going out to the street had been raised for other purposes, was , Bept 7 CPi — Albert W gel aatoblished.

Osborn, militant evangelist who indoors and preach to the converted. AT old-fashioned hymn singing. Martin was regional VP of programming. He is San Diego director of pro- gramming and operations at Jefferson-Pilot. Winslow was interim PD. He was director of sales and marketing. He was co-founder of Segue Music. Contemporary Christian group JumpS was among the guests.

Ludacris and his Ludacris Foundation. The Action Awards honor individ- uals and companies that make outstanding contributions to the empowerment of disad- vantaged communities. Benjamin Chavis. John Mayer and Damon Dash were among the other celebrities attending. Teresa Caldwell, has opened the clothing boutique Taste in Duluth, Ga.

Stars who attended the store's Nov. The intriguing phrase reads like an album title. But it represents Martin Luther's coast-to-coast quest to revolutionize contemporary music. Luther hails from San Francisco's Hunters Point neighborhood.

Further eschewing today's cookie-cutter mentality. Luther couples his music with earthy, gospel-tinged vocals and thought-engaging lyrics. Hearing is believing, especially on the empowerment anthem "Rise" and the ghetto-drawn missive "Ms. And he has since become bicoastal. My music is just a combination of all things good, soulful and rocking — presented in an honest, pure form. The Band Aid 2 1 charity single was recorded Nov. Paul McCart- ney. Numerous TV schedules were interrupted as the clip aired just before i p.

Initial, which is a division of independent TV pro- duction firm Endemol U. Foolage relating to the video will air Dec. The cross-network broadcast appears to have boosted sales of download- able versions of the track, which went live at midnight Nov. The London- based firm has been responsible for building the official Band Aid Web site buybandaid Tiscali, NTL.

Virgin Megastore, MSN, virgin. Proceeds from the song's sales benefit Band Aid Trust's famine-relief efforts in Africa. But MediaCoat technology from Spectra Systems, a devel- oper of systems for marking, tracking and authenticating documents and products, has opened the door to graphics, text and barcodes on the "play" side of a disc.

Providence, R. The company also claims that the technology offers improved disc durability through increased scratch resistance. Germany- based Singulus Technologies, a manufacturer of replication lines for optical disc formats.

Digital Valley was the first European replicator to com- mercially produce DVD[plus discs, and the Val de Reuil, France-based company is also first to produce discs using the MediaCoat technology. The company's logo is featured on the data side of its discs.

Nabil Lawandy envisions such messaging and marketing opportunities as the chief appli- cation for MediaCoat on single-sided software, gaming, video and audio discs. But the ability to apply graphics and text to dual-sided discs will make DualDisc and DVD[plus more attractive to labels and consumers alike, he says.

H MediaCoat is an add-on process that takes place at the end of a standard disc-manufacturing line, Lawandy explains. A coating is applied and cured, then an image is transferred to the disc using ultraviolet irradiation. A second coat is added to protect the disc from excessive exposure to light and to add scratch resistance.

And t they're enjoying a level of security, because now they know they get their discs back. Andrew DaPuzzo, director of sales audio for replicator Sonopress, says only that his company has looked into the application of graphics to the data side of optical discs, particularly two-sided ones. The company's logo appears on the data side of its discs. Billboard m —. Orders payable in U.

All sales are final. Billboard Directories also available on diskette and mailing labels - for information, email: mwiesner billboard. But the band's label, Los Angeles- based Century Media, craved more. It wanted mass retailers to start taking the label as seriously as they do such hard- core stalwarts as Roadrunner and Victory. Century got what it wanted, but not without a huge investment. Once we could offer that price, a lot of the chains will cut the price of the programs in half.

Only two other releases have passed the century mark in the label's year history. Getting in Tar- get and Wal-Mart was a huge breakthrough for them. I was able to do a minimal amount of extra discounting and get it into a The album hasn't hit the break- even point yet. We've hit , in two months," Hosner says.

Yet Hosner is well aware that the label can't become too obsessed with reach- ing box retailers. Once we get to 10,, that's when we'll con- sider graduating them to the next level. If we're going to compete with the Roadrunners of the world, then we have to do more with Target and Wal-Mart. Definitive Jux co-president Amaechi Uzoigwe says the label will print 25, copies of the book, which can be purchased without the EP directly from the label.

According to Uzoigwe, Defini- tive Jux briefly entertained the idea of selling the book alone, but retailers nixed that plan. In addi- tion to a new El-P record and a full-length from indie rap super- group the Perceptionists, next year should see the release of El-P side project Central Services. A number of well-known indie rockers, including Cat Power and members of Tortoise, have ex- pressed interest in contributing.

The label is considering outside help for the set, Uzoigwe says. Band Aid 20 was organized to help raise funds for the Band Aid Trust's famine relief in Africa, specifically in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Mercury will release the single Nov. Plans for an international release have yet to be unveiled. In a statement, Hast- ings forecast that for the fiscal year ending Jan. For the three months ended Oct.

Revenue increased 5. Video sales, which rose 9. Music sales dropped 0. Selling, general and administrative expenses dropped from The lifestyle section includes music, videogames, T-shirts and other product lines that appeal to Gen- eration X shoppers.

An unin- tended consequence is for the Gen-Xers to stay longer and spend more in that section. So far. Retail Track By Ed Christman echrlstman blllboord. As part of these plans, the chain will include its in-store coffee bar. Hard Back Cafe, and a drive-through window wherever possible. He also said the chain will stick with free-standing or strip-center sites.

Thanks to its diverse product offering, he said, "Hastings is a community gather- ing place; we have everything from upscale customers to migrant farm workers. The com- pany designs each store to corre- spond to how its customers shop. Overall business has been helped by the chain's strategy of mixing used product with new. That helps it present a dominant assortment in all categories, according to Marmaduke. One vendor. Hastings had one of the larger trade shows Retail Track attended, and book vendors appeared to be the dominant category.

In video, the first things the Hastings customer sees upon entering are new DVD titles on sale. Marmaduke said. The company has committed to anime titles, allowing it to "own" those customers, according to Marmaduke. Hastings has also made a commitment to video- games, with each store devoting 32 feet of frontage to the category.

In the electronics area, the chain must redesign fixtures for more effective merchandising. Hastings continues to work on store ambience and lighting, Mar- maduke said. The chain found that a white floor tile it was using was causing too much glare, so it found a replacement. For the nine months ended Oct.

Hastings' stock finished Nov. The best source of venue information for promoters, producers, agents, managers and event planners. The New York-based indie is selling downloads, ringtones and other mobile phone content through a new retail channel on its Web site.

The new business will supplement online sales from TVT's existing rela- tionships with download retailers and mobile services. TVT founder and president Steve Gottlieb says the move is just the first step in an ambitious digital play.

By Pitbull, Sevendust. Ying Yang Twins and Ambulance Ltd. Mail order has long been a staple for many indies, and in recent years direct Web sales of CDs and other physical goods have also become popular. I iowever. Indies are not alone in seeking direct-sales opportunities online.

Major labels are increasingly experimenting with straight-to-consumur offers of ringtones. Gartner G2 analyst Mike McGuire says the direct-to- consumer digital model can help labels develop a one-on-one relationship with the consumer — a long-sought-after con- nection that labels do not get with traditional retail models.

A direct strategy also allows labels to release content on a staggered basis — for example, through a Web site first and at retail later — and to establish more niche-oriented content offers. Those types of offers, targeted at a hand's core fans, do not necessarily require a traditional retailer to facilitate tile transaction, McGuire notes. That gives labels a chance to realize better margins, as well as gain a better understanding of their consumers.

TVTs new store tvtrecords. Navio technology enables TVT to distribute multiple digi- tal product formats to consumers — including mobile content and downloads — in a single transaction.

TVT will use the MP3 format for indi- vidual song downloads and digital albums. For labels, the difficult part of the direct- sales model is keeping pace with larger players that traditionally have controlled customer relationships and have developed brands to which customers relate. Isabels face the challenge "of creating demand and driving traffic.

They're already working with a lot of the independents. The label is also hoping to use rewards programs to gen- erate grassroots album promotion. The iPod Photo, a third prod- uct line that will run alongside the original iPod and the iPod mini, is targeting digital- photography enthusiasts who want to carry their picture col- lections up to 25, images alongside their song libraries.

It also boasts significant tweaks in functionality and interface that core music fans will appreciate. It is the first iPod to use a color screen and to dis- play album art alongside track information, and it pushes storage capacity to new heights: 60GB. Innovation, however, comes at a price — and a trade-off in size. The move, if successful, figures to pave the way for future artist-branded music player deals involving Apple and others.

For the next two months, the wireless carrier will be the sole retailer of mobile content from Sum 41 s latest album, "Chuck. The deal is part of an ongoing alliance between Virgin Mobile and Universal Music Group for the latter's First Dibs exclusive-content initiative. Young Buck and D Real Bargains RealNetworks continues to drive its download business with discount promotions. The latest offer is a month-long track sale in association with Rolling Stone magazine's " Greatest Songs of All Time" special issue.

Each song will cost 79 cents, a break from the usual price of 99 cents. Real, which provides back-end oper- ations for rollingstone.

The rapper is featured in the game as a character and voiceover contributor. He also will serve as a spokesman for the "NFL Street" brand. Sales data compiled by L? VOi 1 R He cites an evalua- tion of New York public schools serving poverty-level demographics that have participated in the Broad- way Junior program, which he launched in I'm not talking about turning a kid into Bernadette Peters or Nathan Lane or teaching them how to read music or a script better.

But in 'Annie,' for instance, they learn about the stock market crash, the Depression, the New Deal, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt — the things we take for granted when we see the show but that these kids are learn- ing about for the first time. Perhaps more significant, however, is the social instruction.

In effect, what they're doing is creating a micro- cosm of society where they learn that everyone has different roles — whether they walk onstage or work the lights or sound — and hopefully we avoid things like Columbine where someone feels isolated. Moreover, instead of suing students for downloading, we've decided to introduce children from first grade on to a lesson called 'the C in a Cir- cle' — the symbol for copyright. But when little Johnny puts a 'C in a circle and the year and his name next to a drawing he made in class, and his mother puts it on the refrigerator to show to daddy and his brothers, he can say that means they can't make copies of it, that he owns it.

Hopefully, a new generation of young people will get new respect for download- ing and copying. Here, then, are a few more observations from the conference, held Oct.

Facility design and construction firm Pelonis Sound displayed a product that may exemplify future control rooms, especially those of owner-operated, digital audio workstation-equipped personal and home-based studios. The UltiStation is a handsome, cherry wood console. It is prewired and preinstalled with API Audio microphone and line- level preamplifiers, analog proces- sors and other components.

The analog front end to the signal path, popular in DAW-based recording, is elegantly housed on either side of the console, the cen- ter of which is reserved for DAW controller and monitor.

China Blue recently opened a 5. Engineer Jon Marc supervised the renovation, installing Dynau- dio M3 monitors. The model displayed at the convention featured 12 API V input modules on its left side, while the right side housed API summing mixers and a four-bus console master. The new company specializes in products that aim to capture the sound of classic analog, discrete audio hardware with the addition of modern capabilities.

Resolution Audio Electronics debuted with the ResoPre eight-channel microphone pre- amplifier with optional digital out- put card. Future products will include one- and two-channel ver- sions known as DiPre We're working on ideas that we want to move away from or look toward implementing into the next show.

That's really crucial for us. OutKast was the big winner this year. The Atlanta-based duo won in the categories of best group, video and song. The pair's single "Hey Ya! The other multiple award winners were Usher and British rock trio Muse. MTV viewers voted on 22 categories; the network's staff decided the other two. Detroit rap group D12 was named best hip-hop. Performers at the gala, which was hosted by hip-hop artist Xzibit.

Beastie Boys, Italian pop singer Tiziano Eerro. Swedish rockers the Hives and Scottish guitar band Eranz Ferdinand. The open letter was sent Nov. Figel took over from Red- ing Nov. The letter was an initiative of Brussels-based lobbying group the European Music Office. More than 20 other national organizations also signed iL The letter relates to current discussions about the EC budget for In particular, it raises industry concerns over the "Culture ' program, which will allocate EU funds to various cultural initiatives during the period.

Michel says there are indications that there will again be no specific budget within Culture allocated to the creative industries. Noting that the EU music sector "is an important contributor to economic development, as well as to true cultural pluralism," the letter expresses regret that the EC has not taken into consideration "our particu- lar social and economic specificities in its proposals for Culture The body suggests that several pilot projects could help address some of these issues.

At the same time, industry groups are creating a database that aims to simplify the music DVD ordering process for retailers. The format is one of the few growth areas for labels in the world's second-largest music market. In the first nine months of , RIAJ member companies shipped I Independent. S Sony. U Ufttvarsal. The campaign will begin Jan. All other singles in the series have the potential to chart.

Sony BMG U. She was delighted — her mama used to sing [these] songs to her as a kid. The album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was released Nov. It entered the Media Control chart at No.

Within 24 hours of using that description on a demo tape sent earlier this year to London-based dance indie Wall of Sound, the band signed to the label's hip alternative imprint. We Love You. The album "Run Trip Fall" came out Nov. The band will tour Europe early next year. It has provided significant early exposure to such western Canadian artists as Jann Arden and k.

Thomas was inspired to make the film after CKUA briefly shut down in What my music is all about will disappear. It initially operated from one room on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton and was staffed by ama- teur radio enthusiasts. It is now car- ried across Alberta on AM and FM via 17 transmitters and attracts more than , listeners weekly. It also broadcasts in western Canada on select satellite providers and is simulcast on the Internet. While its headquarters are in Edmonton, the station has a studio in Calgary.

CKUA's diverse programming includes blues, jazz, alternative rock and classical. We play almost every musical genre. Joel Kroeker's album 'Melo- drama' reached No. Two years later, the station's board chose to close it to avoid bankruptcy. Thomas says, "The crisis was a new beginning in terms of listener support and passion for the statioa" Yvette Ray, radio promotion repre- sentative for Mint Records in Toronto, says, "CKUA is a good example of what a community station should be.

Our focus is rooted in the community. Friday 22 May Saturday 23 May Sunday 24 May Monday 25 May Tuesday 26 May Wednesday 27 May Thursday 28 May Friday 29 May Saturday 30 May Sunday 31 May Monday 1 June Tuesday 2 June Thursday 4 June Friday 5 June Saturday 6 June Sunday 7 June Monday 8 June Tuesday 9 June Monday 15 June Tuesday 16 June Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June Saturday 20 June Sunday 21 June Monday 22 June Tuesday 23 June Wednesday 24 June Thursday 25 June Friday 26 June Saturday 27 June Sunday 28 June Monday 29 June Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 1 July Thursday 2 July Friday 3 July Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July Select one Female Male Unspecified.

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Download Music Private FTP 12EEK Monkey-Xibalba Spa-(LEGEND)-EE-CDEMXMP3 2 Quick StartEEdEr 2 Quick Start-Teine Pool (The Very Best Of) .

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