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Not dealing with difficult feelings. Byron Youth Service is offering young people aged , and currently not working, the opportunity to learn essential skills for working in the hospitality sector — this includes food preparation and service skills. A 13 week course will commence 31 March and conclude 25 June.

The FREE course runs 3 days per week. Call Simon for more info ext 2 or email links bys. Korchnoi may have been referring to a textbook position which Carlsen, then 15, lost against Levon Aronian in — a simple endgame with just a rook and a pawn for Aronian and a rook for Carlsen. Kg6 Kd7 Kf6 a. See diagram 2 Kg3 Aronian was highly critical of this move, believing that the only way for Carlsen to save the game was Rf1 Rf5 Rf5 Now Carlsen reached out to move his king but at the last moment grabbed his rook and played Kh3 Rxf2 Rxf2 Kxf2 Kxh4 is also hopeless.

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Registration 8. Info www. New horizons are lighting up, possibly through past connections, and your stars say go for it. Make grace under pressure your mantra. Venus inundates your social calendar with new acquaintances and activities, but factor in some quality time listening to your best friend: your own inner wisdom.

Why rely on one healer when you can get an all for one deal with a multiple healing-entity channeller? Yes, you read that correctly. There is a psychic channeller available in Victoria who claims to have access to a whole team of healing spirits.

At that price, they must be miniatures. Our unique package includes a Wattson energy meter which shows both income generated by your solar system and energy usage around the house. We advise on lowering energy use and install solar power to meet your remaining needs. We offer general dentistry as well as safe amalgam removal and restorative procedures such as crown and bridgework all using biocompatible materials. Call for a appointment today or check our site www.

Our teas are grown in Australia, designed in Clunes, made in Alstonville and sold to the world. We have a large range of teas to choose from. Check them out at www.

Start losing where you want today! Call to book a consultation. Holistic means to take into account the whole body in the context of healing - each tooth corresponds to a different system, organ or meridian within the body.

Their aim is to bring back old fashioned customer service. But hang on — the union rep Ted , of all people, is handsome Harry Connick Jr.

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Your seat is waiting! Conditions apply. Winner best sushi bar NSW region 7 days One of the best Christmas gifts I received last year was a microplane grater. In appearance like a long narrow file, such is the fineness of its grating capacity that its function is indeed similar.

It has effectively revolutionised my culinary practices and now I find myself seeking out dishes to cook which involve grating. Furthermore, mine was just an Aldi version; I can hardly imagine how the real deal, the patented product, could be any more efficient. He explains to me the difference between them and normal graters, how the former are lasercut whereas the latter are just pressed metal.

Clearly I have been lagging very far behind in the kitchen equipment department with my four-sided box grater! And what a chore that has always been! Not to mention the occasional danger of grated finger. The single-sided metal ones whose tendency it is to shoot suddenly out of control, the bottom end skidding and dispersing all your painstakingly deconstructed cheese or citrus rind or carrot. The rotary ones composed of an embossed.

The cute-as-a-button baby ones for whole nutmeg, and the slightly larger just-as-cute ones for parmesan which reminds me to point out the importance, when serving pasta, of offering a chunk of - real goes without saying - parmigiano reggiano or its less expensive cousin Grana Padano on a plate at the table accompanied by a little grater in order that it be grated freshly. There are food processors with grater attachments to simplify your life utterly; I confess to taking this option when I make carrot cakes.

There are mandolin slicers with graters; cheese graters which perch above their own dome-shaped receptacles; electric graters and zesters. There are graters in the shape of pyramids and there are food mills. And then there is the world of microplanes! He claims that the best seller is the coarse grater but the range spans fine through to extra coarse. I plan to start by throwing out my box grater.

Sirromet Winery at Mount Cotton, just outside Brisbane, has just released a wine in a ml PET plastic bottle for Australian consumers in what is believed to be an Australian first. First Step is the name given to a range of plastic bottles with screw tops which look exactly like glass bottles but which in fact constitute recycled low energy packaging designed to reduce environmental impacts from wine production.

The same amount of liquid is contained in the bottles with no compromise on the quality of the wine in any way at all. Still in the Granite Belt, there is a wine club definitely worth joining. Aussie Vineyards in North Tamborine has introduced Club Au for those interested in enjoying quality wine all year round.

To join, either ring 07 , fax 07 or email dbrown aussievineyards. In a show of support for local junior cricket, the Commonwealth Bank has donated a signature bat signed by Australian test cricketer Michael Hussey to the Mullum Brunswick Cricket Club.

Five lads who represented our area in cricket carnivals from Taree to the border over. These boys love the game and have the dedication and talent to one day have their signatures on a similar piece of cricket memorabillia. Phone for more information. Planning advice and endorsement for the new initiative has also been received from the National Paralympic. Pennant team def by Pottsville. Balls to 38 pts.

Commonwealth Branch Manager Amanda Browning presented some of our young representative cricketers with the signed miniature bat framed with photos of Michael Hussey. Each of these councils provides an annual financial contribution to NCAS which has been used this year to help fund the new program. The camp-based format will be designed to support the athlete as they progress along their development pathway and will engage specialist presenters, coaches, sports trainers and mentors to assist the each athlete achieve this goal.

Club Cash Run to 23; Balls to Registrar there to sign new and renewing players. Contact Rebecca for further info. This win gave the Redsox girls the Minor Premiership. Brunswick Heads Pharmacy Bye. To play phone Enquiries ring Mark or Chris Div 2: Zinc 40 d Bronze 25, Gold 42 d Platinum Heidi Duncan from NSW Sport and Recreation said the Austswim certificate provides candidates with the essential skills to teach swimming and water safety to people aged four and above.

Inflated champions at Mullum pool The Inaugural Mullumbimby Pool Inflatable Championship were held amidst much dash and splash last Friday evening, the culmination of a summer of time trials which saw the top competitors in each category up for the title of Inflatable Champion. Eight divisions were featured during the event following a 2 hour free-for-all hosted by the pool managers Mark and Clare Mathison. The results of the championships were: 8 and under males, 1st Luca Tansley, 2nd Theo Bourgoin and 3rd Talizgon.

In the 8 and under female division the placegetters were: 1st Keelee Estridge, 2nd Sara Santos and 3rd Lily Macdonald. Participants must be 16 years or older and will need a current resuscitation award to gain their Austswim teacher certificate. For bookings or further information, please contact New South Wales Sport and Recreation on or follow the link at the website at www.

Lake Ainsworth Aquathon Every child deserves to be healthy. The event is an Aquathon which is a swim and run event for primary school children. The aim of the event is participation from children of all abilities and as such not a race. Children and young people. Age groups for the event range from U6s to U13s but there are limited places in each division.

Everyone is welcome to join in the Aquathon. The event will be held on March 28th. For more information call Jo on or Lina on In an event that was about getting to the other end first, 11 and up division winners Ethan Askew and Fiona Francis showed that is was more about speed while Mums champ Petra Throwbridge and Dads winner Stu Eadie demonstrated that is was less about style.

Photos Tree Faerie. In an era regarded more for its flash than substance by some, Kong, pictured with his award, was a surfer who could back up the hype. The big man was untouchable in everything from six to 20 feet and was three-time world championship runnerwww. The car-. It was the parents category which created the most entertaining spectacle of the event especially when trying to squeeze a forty year old sized body through a 12 year old sized obstacle course.

The inflatable and the championships proved a great success over the summer and the challenge will be on again every weekend until the end of April when the giant pool toy will hang up its air until next season. To register for the event 15th Sunset 7. Congratulations to those who worked so hard for this TUE High 1. The talent and attitude of sailors in Byron is Low 7. Volunteer Rescue Squad from the yacht club.

Eastern Daylight Saving Time. The urban rail program includes preliminary engineering, environmental studies, and analysis of various alternatives. To pay for all this, Spillar identified some Texas Department of Transportation rebates and other state moneys that could be tapped; the department also is refining a rail- funding proposal.

But to what extent state funds will really come through remains unknown. Limited to the First 9 Cali Mow! This campaign has not agreed pntribution aad expenditure limits of the Austin Fair Campaign ordinance. TYC Sees Light at End of Tunnel While the shadow of the massive abuse scandal that rocked the state in still hangs over the Texas Youth Commission, the agency appears headed for a reprieve. Instead, the bill proposes a Juvenile Justice Policy Coordinating Council, which would serve as a link between the two.

Instead, he believes rejecting the Sunset review reaffirms the original intent of SB Instead, they recommended they merge. At issue is House Resolution , filed by Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, which calls on House lawmakers to investi- gate and impeach Keller and for the Senate to try her on the House charges that she impermissibly closed the courthouse doors at 5pm on Sept.

Committee chair Rep. Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi, left the resolution pending. Crunch time gets close: With several major deadlines looming, the House came in for five hours on Saturday - the first such weekend meeting of the session.

The Senate, which seems to be feeling no rush, took the weekend off but then came in at 7am Tuesday. Redoubling Against Redistricting Sen.

His Senate Bill would take congressional redistricting out of the hands of the Legislature and give it to a nine-member appointed committee four Democrats, four Republicans, and a ninth appointed by the other eight. It takes two-thirds support to bring the bill to the floor for debate, but Wentworth says he has only 20 sena- tors in his corner, one short of the magic number. On Monday he offered an amendment to make it more palatable to holdout Republicans but finally pulled the bill back down.

So it looked like there was a mass outbreak of chamber fever when there was a sighting of Tuffysaurus rex and Homeradon on the House floor. Actually it was Reps.

It had been Brachiosaur Sauropod , Pleurocoelus , but it turns out that the fossil in question had been misidentifed. Easy mistake to make. The lone pro-cock- fighting campaigner with a rooster outside the Capitol seemed unimpressed. The House voted out HB , which pre- vents hotel and motel owners from discriminating against bikers or anyone wearing a bike club emblem. Jim Dunnam, D-Waco, and Sen.

For breaking news and analysis , visit austinchronicle. The GCC was a front group organized and funded by Big Oil, automakers, utilities, and other major greenhouse-gas polluters. The coalition ran a multimillion-dollar PR and lobbying campaign to create doubt that glob- al warming was even happening, much less that its members had any responsibility for it.

This is the same ploy that the tobacco giants used for decades, to deny any link between smoking and cancer. You might remember this ploy the next time you hear any corpo- rate interest spouting science to defend its abusive practices. Goldman Sachs, however, is a front-run- ner. It has profited enormously from the big bank bailout by us taxpayers, yet it has hardly expressed gratitude. Indeed, Goldman has been downright huffy about the limits on pay that bailed-out banks can give to their top executives.

Not exactly. Blankfein is not returning that money. It takes a lot of arrogance to create a hairdo that big. New dr Old. Central Texas-resident Hannibal Lokumbe makes his first Austin appearance to join the singers for performances of pure joy and delight.

We thought it a good moment to take stock, see what the 81st Lege has accom- plished thus far not an overwhelming prospect , and speculate on just what might still get done. As Richard Whittaker notes, if they manage to write a budget - even with a huge handout from Washington, D.

Straus and the new regime are certainly to be credited for the change. Craddick has been reduced to a wander- ing backbencher, and the same folks who bro- kered the new speakership are now able to work together with more consensus and less acrimony. One other visible sign of the new dispensation is the warehousing of the recently purchased finger- print voting machines. While voter ID deserves the same fate as the ghost-voting foolish- ness, it is instead likely to raise one more hysterical cloud over the House floor - and in the bargain deprive some Texans of their fran- chise.

Nonsense remains nonsense, and the Lege still devotes far too much time to the political equivalent of profes- sional wrestling. The Capitol governs from the right on public policy, with occasional nods to the center.

Progressives, whatever the issue, can expect to spend much of their time playing defense. So the rest of us will. It makes a strange spectacle, yet good reading. Enjoy this penultimate sampling from the onrushing flood that is the biennial Texas legislative adventure. About bills were filed in this arena, he says, and a few still have a chance at becoming law.

The former would create incentives for dis- tributed solar-energy programs, hoping to give the boost to sun energy that wind energy has already received. The latter sets goals for utilities for energy efficiency. Both bills passed the Senate and are pending in the House: SB was sitting in Energy Resources at press time; was left pending in com- mittee but may be replaced by a similar bill from Dallas Rep.

Rafael Anchia. Austin Sen. It would create a fund for the Texas Workforce Commission to help workers access training needed to get into the home weatherization, solar installation, and other green industries. Box , Austin, TX This campaign has not agreed to comply with the contribution and expenditure limits of the Aostin Fair Campaign Chapter. As such, oo public funds will be used.

Perla Cavazos is fighting to make Austin an affordable city in a tough economy. But long-neglected affordability issues, coupled with a tough economy, have put Austin at risk of losing its identity as an open city that puts purpose over profit. Lawmakers plan to have the final ver- sion of the recommended expenditures for the biennium ready by mid-May, and the plan is to maintain the bare-bones spending of the last decade.

But do they have the cash even to do that? A quick recap: During the interim, the House and Senate each submitted its priorities to the Legislative Budget Board, which turned each list into rival budget proposals. Then there were debates in the House Appropriations and Senate Finance committees and floor amendments to the House version offered, more than half adopted.

Work groups began meeting last week, and the full committee met May 4 to discuss Article I general government and Article IV the judi- ciary. House Appropriations chair and con- feree Rep. So that choice is less about how much to spend and more precisely about whether selective bonuses - or a livable wage - attract and retain good teachers. Each budget has good and bad provisions. Announc- ing the Senate conferees, Lt. Spokesman R. That means, frankly, that the budget com- ing out of the Lege is held together with fed- eral stimulus money.

Pitts makes no bones about where Texas would be without the stimulus funds. Even setting aside whether that kind of substitution is bad policy, in some cases it may not be legal. Even in a good year, with its current tax system, Texas does not and can- not levy enough money to pay for what it wants and needs.

Critics fear that rather than filling the deficit, the fund will in effect just subsidize property-tax breaks scheduled for Pitts admits that had to be part of his long-term calculations. Dunnam counters that the Legislature has no option but to reconsider that forthcoming tax break.

Meanwhile, an army of bills with exemptions for small businesses and start-ups has been filed. Conference committee member Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, authored House Bill , sunsetting the franchise tax in and instructing the comptroller to come up with a replacement tax to fill the revenue gap. That proposal, he admits, is probably dead in com- mittee, but the problems it would address will remain.

And there have been some cost-saving efforts - for example, the comptroller has been trying to cut agency spending via bulk-buying through the TxSmartBuy system. Similarly, there are hopes that proposed food stamp and Medicaid reforms will slash administrative costs while increasing enrollment. Yet while legislators are hoping that the eventual end to the economic slump will solve their problems, the structural deficit remains its own economic time bomb.

First, Senate Bill , by Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, which would ban the sale of the natural hallucinogen Salvia divinorum to minors, appears best poised to make law - a most rational approach to regulating the drug, as opposed to that of crusading salvia foe Rep. Also creeping closer to passage is SB , which would legalize anonymous one-for-one needle exchange.

This is the fourth time that Sen. Robert Deuell, R-Greenville, has proposed the measure - and hopefully that will be the charm. Indeed, as it stands, Texas is the only state without some form of legal needle exchange, a proven harm-reduction measure. Austin Rep. That also looks to be the fate of a progressive treat- ment-not-jail bill by Sens. This is the second time the measure has been proposed and, most likely, the second time it will die.

I ask for your vote. McLeroy is elected to his seat, but his chairmanship is an appointment by Gov. Donna Howard has also aimed several measures at the board. Her House Joint Resolution 77, which passed the House last week, would strip oversight of the Permanent Education Fund from the SBOE and put it in the hands of an appoint- ed body of financial experts, pending approv- al of a constitutional amendment by voters.

And Dripping Springs Rep. Thus far, however, the tally for criminal justice reform is mixed. At best. A bid to reform the way police conduct live and photo lineups has the best chance at becoming law Senate Bill by Sen. Rafael Anchfa. Some insiders complain, for example, that even reforms with a good chance at passage such as the eyewitness-ID bill and the inter- rogation-recording measure have been softened, which is hardly a mandate for reform.

Still others say that the ship is turning - if slowly - toward a more equitable system. Republicans in the Senate delayed arguably more important business - e. Its prospects in the almost evenly divided House are less certain, where Republicans hold only a two-vote majority out of seats. It can be improved.

The life-plate bill Senate Bill by Sen. Meanwhile, after telling Sen. Given to women seeking abortion, the pamphlet con- tains information on fetal development and alleged risks associated with abortion - including the medically inaccurate suggestion that abortion increases the risk of breast can- cer, a favorite ploy of the Right to Life crowd, whose proponents seem to be the only source of information connecting the two things.

Originally, the bill required women seeking abortion to undergo an ultrasound whether or not it was medically necessary. Now, as passed on May 1 by the Senate on a vote, the bill requires that a doctor offer to perform an ultrasound as well as show it to the woman, describe it to her, and have her hear a fetal heartbeat. The House version of the ultrasound bill, filed by Rep.

Sadly, measures that would improve the quality of sex education in Texas public schools - including a modest proposal that sex ed curricula employ medically accurate information House Bill by Rep.

For thousands of women, reproductive health services - including gynecological exams as well as screenings for breast cancer, hyper- tension, and diabetes - are their sole access to health care. S 7 Cn for information Sii dOO? Tuesday May 19th from 4 to 8pm at Marketplace at Hancock Center. Ask a Twin Liquors associate for details.

Her House Bill , co-authored by fellow Austinite Donna Howard, would grant populous counties the right to adopt noise regula- tions and has made it out of County Affairs and into Calendars. Looks like more of the same. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, keeps trying to get people to notice, Texas runs out of cash for new transportation projects in What has emerged instead is Senate Bill , the local trans- port funding bill by Sen.

John Carona, R-Dallas. Part of what it does is give a group of 19 counties the ability to raise cash through a limited toolbox of taxes and regis- tration fees; the rest is that it curbs their near-total dependence on the Texas Department of Transportation. Ah, TxDOT, the state agency that everyone loves to hate. After initially getting plaudits for delaying allocating its federal stimulus money, it then infuriated lawmakers by allo- cating its federal stimulus cash without priori- tizing underserved areas, as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requires.

So what has the Lege done to fix a rogue agency? Not much. Watson noted that one significant amendment, stripping appointment of two of the five Texas Transportation Commission seats from the governor and handing one each to the House speaker and lieutenant governor, seems DOA.

Somehow, Texas Transportation Commission Chair Deirdre Delisi has evaded the fallout from all the agency debacles and looks likely to have her interim appointment confirmed by the Senate Nominations Committee. Both bills are currently with the House, and the two lawmakers are still in lockstep on the need for reform. Watson stresses that the overhaul process will be staggered, to give some conti- nuity of management. So when Senate Bill 3 - the school accountability bill - turned up, heads were scratching as to why it strips out the fine-arts requirement for graduation and leaves it up to kids to use their electives instead.

As for college, legislators have tackled the two constant targets of complaint - high costs and admissions restrictions. Barring a gubernatorial veto, Texas actually has a journalism shield law. House Bill achieves the seemingly impossible: creating a qualified protec- tion for journalists and their confiden- tial sources that both news outlets and county attorneys could support. There was a brief scare when Lt. Rick Perry. So far, so good for traditional media, but lawmakers are struggling when it comes to dealing with the Internet.

The Senate passed Senate Bill , amending the Texas Public Information Act so that the payment exemptions newspapers and broadcasters enjoy for open records requests apply to their websites, too. Authored by Rep. Aaron Pena, D-Edinburg who has regularly blogged at www.

What does that mean? Government Employees Insurance Co. These companies are subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Congress www. At the same time, on levels deeper than emotion or intel- lect, he felt himself abandoned by that God. To believe and not believe in the same breath was an agony for my brother. For Aldo, an impersonal God was no God at all. Then came my turn to define my more indefinite terms. The universe is a vast, living organism, connected in all its parts, in which humanity is a tiny cell, subject to forces we can imagine but never know, sense but never measure.

We have no way of knowing whether they apply to the universe or to God. We call it living in Time. Aldo was 2. When our family fell apart utterly, I was 13, homeless, alone. One learns to live with the world one is given, or one does not. I was OK with the world I was given because I learned to live in it. Or, if it does, I have no way of gauging that. Yet I love the moon.

I go out at night to gaze at it, speak to it. People I love - far away or out of touch - look at that same moon. And all the strangers to whom I am a stranger. My prayers to God are like how I talk to the moon.

Those who fear the spectre of progressiveness and there is much good reason to need not fear, as Mastodon prove here that they have the necessary skill and good taste to adopt the King Crimson approach to prog, eg, being really, really fucking GOOD and playing mighty, intensely focused music that is fun and uplifting to listen to, with self-indulgence excised at the planning stages or at least, kept within carefully monitored boundaries.

Say what you like about metalhead fourteen year old boys, being one was fun. Verily, it is a deep and comforting and righteous listen. Deathblog: Jack Rose - I was bummed out yesterday to learn of the untimely death by heart attack of Jack Rose. I've probably spent more time than is strictly healthy listening to his solo records and his work with Pelt over the years.

A great musician, and by all accounts a great guy. I don't have much more to add, but there is much remembrance and such from people with more to say to be found over at this post on Arthur.

So long, Dr. Punk rock indeed. Sounds like hell for a lot of you out there I realise, but bring it on I say! Not exactly a great songwriting record, but the playing and the sound hits the sweet spot every time. Some restrictions may apply. So far, SETI has not made a cosmic connection that even remotely resembles the one made in Contact, which was adapted from Carl Sagans novel of the same title.

And although Tarter has been called "a onewoman cheering squad" for the extraterrestial quest, she reportedly distinguishes herself not with an Ellie Arroway-esque obsession but a Jill Tarter-esque, evenkeeled approach to the big question: Are we alone?

Rankin, who acknowledges that she wouldn't spend her life looking for life off Earth, credits Tarter and her colleagues with "setting out to do it and doing it as well as it can be done, technically and philosophically, in the present. After pursuing graduate studies there in theoretical physics, she earned masters and doctoral degrees in astronomy from the University of California,. Her dissertation examined the characteristics of "brown dwarf stars.

Working on the university's Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations — SERENDIP, for short — while trying to program an obsolete computer donated to the project, Tarter "got hooked on the idea that we were the first generation of scientists and engineers who could try to do experiments to answer this ageold question," she says. One of her darker days came in October ,. The survey, ear-. Again, Tarter's advanced problem-solving skills proved invaluable.

Being cut loose from NASA may have been a blessing in disguise. Project Phoenix is reported to have doubled in size since turning to private funding. As Tarter wryly observes, "We've done the experiment. Congressional funding is not the best model for finance.

Emerging technologies such as cryogenics for computer-chip cooling and digital processing of radio signals have allowed researchers to enhance their searches using advances in related fields. The SETI effort could get another major boost with the "1HT," or one hectare-sized radio telescope, which Tarter and her colleagues hope to develop over the next few years. Though this instrument is still a work-in-progress, Tarter envisions it will involve smaller, more numerous T V satellite dish-sized receivers, in.

She would be surprised, though, if SETI did not turn up "interesting consequences" in another 10 or 20 years. What's more, she adds, "There's a kind of nobility to the search.

And with that goal in mind, Tarter is bracing for a breakthrough. That includes a "detection protocol" for disseminating information about extraterrestrial contact, as well as an ongoing exploration of SETI's philosophical and ethical implications. The 1 H T could also examine a patch of sky sufficiently large to interest both SETI researchers and radio astronomers like Rankin, who studies "city-sized stars" called pulsars, at one view. Scientists would thus find it easier to share telescope time.

Although "cultural aspects" workshops have involved theologians, media people and historians along with scientists, " W h a t w e haven't been able to do is to find the proper forum to expand this question to cover all the cultures on Earth," she notes. I'd even like to make sure that the scholars aren't necessarily gray-haired, because I think this is an issue for the future generations.

W h i l e Tarter and her colleagues are vigilant in their efforts to understand the vast, profound implications of their research, she tackles the problem as she always has: grounded in solid scientific principles. God creat Earth and didn't create anything else.

At the moment, it's a blasphemous act to K S T. Astronomer Jill Tarter Even good planning may not assuage the fears of those w h o consider SETI to be based on a flawed religious premise.

G o d created Earth and didn't create anything else," Tarter says. T h e y know the answer. I don't believe that there was or is a rulemaker. For Jill Tarter, it's cleared the w a y for takeoff. Those w h o saw Contact will remember how violently one religious zealot reacted to the news of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Tarter is well aware of the every-. Tor info, call Four masters of the guitar team up for an unforgettable evening of virtuoso performance. And while many expressed concern for the disappearing landscape — a. Oatman suggested finding ways to "form partnerships with area farmers, getting kids out of the city for real-world work experience.

Finally, Oatman proposed offering tax incentives to restaurants that offer Vermont farm products. Katharine Montstream would like to see farmers make a little more profit so they don't need to sell off their land for development. A liberal Democratic senator from Bethel, he's a folk musician when not tackling issues under the Golden Dome. McCormack offered this as a lesson in "fighting the power": "Beethoven was faulted by a colleague for writing a piece of music that included an entire measure in open fifths, which was forbidden by prevailing musical theory at the time.

He said, 'Very well, prevailing musical theory forbids it; Beethoven allows it. Burlington videographer Stuart McGowan offered the most radical change in government yet: "I propose a mandate that all government jobs be filled by people under the age of The real terror in our lives and to 1 artists as well is homogeneity, vagueness, a flat universe.

While not exclusive to artists, these thoughts provide an inspirational conclusion to the survey. Cami Davis noted our query was "a powerful and timely concept," as, she believes, "some synergy of different disciplines" is needed to tackle society's thorniest problems as well as opportunities.

Davis emphasized, too, the interconnectedness of all things — an ancient concept which, if fully realized, would affect making art as much as passing laws or con-. Animal Magnetism. Fat Cats: Send in a photo of your full-bodied feline along with a tell-all of its table manners or temperament. Pet Names: Animal lovers often prefer peculiar noms de plume. Share the story of your pet's unusual name—and photo, too.

Separated at Birth: Do you look like your pet? Send us a sample of the evidence and a short report of shared features. Pet Peeves: Sometimes pets turn into pests. Share a waggish tale of woe, and a portrait of the culprit.

Send a pic of the prima donna product and its contented consumer. Unleashed: Use your imagination—any animal doing anything is welcome in this wide-open category. Provide picture and plotline, please. P's Pub, 10 p. Center brings Patty Larkin back to Burlington over and over again: She's good. With guitar chops to match a rich alto and captivating songs, this is one singer worth writing home about.

You could also send home her new live CD, a go go. Better yet, go-go to her show this Saturday at the Unitarian Church. The Nields open. You might call this Zen and the art of country; you might call it after-hours honkytonk. You ought to.

Morgan's, p. Alley-Cats, 4 1 King St. Backstage Pub, 6 0 Pearl St. Boony's, Rt. Burlington Coffeehouse at Rhombus, 1 8 6 College St.

Capitol Grounds, 4 5 State St. Champion's, 3 2 Main St. Charlie O's, 7 0 Main St. Bella, 2 8 N. Main St. City Limits, 14 Greene St. Club Extreme, 1 6 5 Church St. Club Metronome, 1 8 8 Main St. Paul St. Cobbweb, Sandybirch Rd. Diamond Jim's Grille, Highgate Comm. Albans, Dockside Cafe, 2 0 9 Battery, Burlington, 8 6 4 - 5 2 6 6. Edgewater Pub, 3 4 0 Malletts Bay Ave. Finnigan's Pub, 2 0 5 College St. Franny O's 7 3 3 Queen City Pk. Henry's, Holiday Inn, 1 0 6 8 Williston Rd.

Burlington, 8 6 3 - 6 3 6 1. Higher Ground, 1 Main St. Horn of the Moon Cafe, 8 Langdon St. Jake's, 1 2 3 3 Shelburne Rd. Burlington, 6 5 8 - 2 2 5 1. Morgan's at Capitol Plaza, 1 0 0 Main St. LaBrioche, 8 9 Main St. Last Chance Saloon, 1 4 7 Main, Burlington, 8 6 2 - 5 1 5 9.

Leunig's, 1 1 5 Church St. Mad Mountain Tavern, Rt. Manhattan Pub, 1 6 7 Main St. Matterhorn, 4 9 6 9 Mountain Rd. The Mountain Roadhouse, 1 6 7 7 Mountain Rd. Nectar's, 1 8 8 Main St. The Nightspot Outback, Killington Rd. Radisson Hotel, 6 0 Battery St. Rasputin's, 1 6 3 Church St. Red Square, 1 3 6 Church St.

Rhombus, 1 8 6 College St. Ripton Community Coffee House, Rt. Ri Ra, 1 2 3 Church St. Ruben James, 1 5 9 Main St. Rusty Nail, Mountain Rd.

Swany's, 2 1 5 Main St. Sweetwaters, 1 1 8 Church St. Thirsty Turtle, 1 S. Three Mountain Lodge, Rt. Toadstool Harry's, Rt. Trackside Tavern, 18 Malletts Bay Ave. Tuckaway's, Sheraton, 8 7 0 Williston Rd. Burlington, 8 6 5 - 6 6 0 0. Villa Tragara, Rt. Windjammer, 1 0 7 6 Williston Rd. Burlington, 8 6 2 - 6 5 8 5. Irish , Ri Ra, 5 p. Tax and applicable service charges additional.

Date and time subject to change. Co-sponsored by. But the name Johnny Compton might be more obscure — I confess it was to me. He's Danforth's great-nephew, and a former Columbia recording artist with his late-'60s folk-rock band AppalOOSa who also has a political raison d'etre-. Act That is, he doesn't like it, thinks it's unconstitutional. Compton reveals his part-time stake — a one-room cabin in the Northeast Kingdom — in the state in the second verse of "Free Vermont": What kind of tax is this?

Have I missed the joke? Don't know if Compton knows that famous literary opponent of the state's education funding bill, John Irving, but he could sure use some writing lessons from him.

Evidence that Big Brother is watching you on the Internet: Mayfield's publisher heard the song and said the band couldn't use that chorus unless they shared a "hefty royalty fee," says Bailey. Nothing against the great Superfly — paralyzed since — but Dysfunkshun are changing their tune. Look for the reworked song, and EP, next month. I dunno about you, but I think if he doesn't live full-time in Vermont he should just mind his own beeswax.

But those of you who agree with him can look forward to an anti-Act 60 CD, available on his virtual soap box soon. Kate has been at VPR nine years, and spins the classics weekdays 1 to 3 and 10 to midnight. Before that she announced for the impressive-sounding National Beethoven Satellite Network.

Congrats to both. Dysfunkshun got nailed this month The lovely Patty Larkin, along with The Nields, benefit the. That's because the band has added five rockin' tunes to its previous cassette release and pressed a CD with all 14 in full spy-fi.

Available at locally owned record stores near you, check it out. For those of you who can't cope with the fact that The Grateful Dead are, well, dead: Dark Star Orchestra arrives at Higher Ground this Sunday to breathe new life into those familiar tunes.

Even Phish drummer Jon Fishman sat in on a set last year that recreated the Dead's '83 Halloween show. The late great Burlington alt-pop band sits higher on the consumer-generated hit list than Zola Turn, which has risen from 12 to 9 in the past few weeks with "Tastes Like Nothing.

Three chances to improve your karma, people Their latest disc — recorded live and mixed exceedingly well at the Common Ground restaurant in Brattleboro — is a. It's a remarkable achievement for a live recording — you forget that it isn't in the studio until the occasional crowd response pops up.

The intro tune, "Blue Pepper," is a rarely heard Duke E. ViperHouse brings that balance — honoring the traditional and contributing a cutting edge — to both covers and originals. The sexy "Last Light" features instrumentation. In between are a long and dense instrumental thing called "Scrod Scrapples" and an equally dense but vocally hot and suggestive tune titled "Meat Locker. Davidian and drummer Phil Carr a chance to show their considerable chops.

The instrumental tune starts out more sparsely than most here, highlighting the spine-tingling talents of violinist Karen Quinn before it kicks into an over-long jamfest of first organ and percussion, then everyone. I'm guessing this is one celebration the big guy would dig for his th birthday. If viperHouse fans thought the band couldn't get any better.. In fact, the latest by the accomplished steel string guitarist Alex de Grassi isn't all that bad.

The exploratory nature of his loose compositions is far less bland than I expected. Cyclical folk progressions recall a less frenetic John Fahey and ground de Grassi's otherwise flighty approach. For a guy who. Healthy agitation shape this collection of slickly produced solo guitar takes on jazz standards by Ellington, Monk, the Gershwins and others.

Suffice it to say, I have deliberated over these long enough that this is pretty much a definitive selection of my tracks of the year in a definitive order - nothing arbitrary at all about it at all; oh no. This isn't a chart of singles - I am not such a singles person really - so these tracks are here for a number of reasons.

It isn't totally correlated to the order of my top albums of the year either - coming next week! Chord - e9 Flora, Neurot Weapon - Cacophony! Black Sun Dragon's Tongue! Monganaut posts. Polygondwanaland Nov 23, , GO for it!

Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes. We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the File release of Crushing On To Tapes: A John Dwyer Primer on Discogs.
  2. Feb 08,  · So, Wow. This has taken me massively longer than I first anticipated, but since it was such a hit with people last year (and still gets big hits), and I enjoyed doing it so much, I really wanted to do it again this year. I have been in two minds about posting little blurbs for each track, but it would take me forever to finish if I set myself that task too, so I settled for making up genres in.
  3. Dec 10,  · Totally free as in free to DL as MP3/WAV file, free CD Master copy DL, Free LP master copy DL, it even states you can make money off of it if you feel the need. Apparently a comment on artist royalties, spotify/soundlcloud etc.
  4. THE FIFTY BEST RECORDS OF Part #6. The Super Vacations – s/t. (Shdwply Records). I blathered a bit about this one earlier this year: “Super Vacations provide a perfect example of a group turning the limitations of home-recording to their advantage, assembling a beguiling psyche-rock sound from the palette of slightly warped rock n’ pop elements at their disposal.
  5. Feb 12,  · 1st studio rehearsal captured on tape and thrown up online for listening/dnlding. In the interests of disclosure I should mention that it’s long, takes about a minute or more to warm up but we know where we’re taking it so when it hits the zone it’s lucid. It also features the sounds of seals.
  6. Kodi Archive and Support File Vintage Software Community Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software.

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