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Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Seeing Sounds She could deal with the pain. It always passed. It was the way she was stuck in an uncomfortable hospital bed, propped up into a seated position she was told this was to keep her from developing pneumonia from lying prone the whole time, but she was sure it was just to make her even more uncomfortable , her right arm was in a sling and would be for a few weeks thanks to needing surgery to correct the parts of her shoulder joint that had separated from the major dislocation they had sustained.

As awesome as Netflix was, there was only so much streaming a person could take when they were recovering, especially when some head injuries were involved. She found herself letting her mind wander back to when she had been shot and her recovery from that.

When Daisy had been stir crazy then, she had searched through the various books in her bunk and had laid in bed with Daisy into the night, reading to her. At first, Daisy had made little jokes about it but, in all honesty, it had been something she had come to love — it had been relaxing and comforting to have Jemma near her.

Bobbi had said she had stumbled upon Jemma reading to her while she slept a few times, but Daisy knew without being told. With a sigh, Daisy turned the TV off and attempted to use her laptop.

That endeavor was a failure since she felt too exhausted to focus on using just one hand to operate the computer. After turning it off with a sigh, she leaned over to the table next to the bed and set the laptop down on it. She rolled onto her back again with a sigh and leaned her head back against the pillows. It was the way she masked her worries. Things had to roll off her back or she never would have made it this far in life alive, right?

Daisy had grown up learning how to take the punches as they came and roll with them. It was what she knew. She turned her eyes down and fidgeted with her hands. Daisy tried not to frown. This time, she was the one who spoke quietly. She looked almost horrified, perhaps? Suddenly, though, Jemma rushed forward into the room and as soon as she was close enough to the bed, she leaned over and wrapped her arms around Daisy tightly. Daisy stifled a grunt of pain as she lifted her left arm to move it around Jemma.

She knew Jemma was really upset when she messed up her name, but Jemma kept going, sniffling as her voice cracked. You wanted to help someone - someone who was responsible for helping to keep you alive. He saved your life. He kept you going until we could find a way to get you. She leaned back and looked at Daisy, really looked.

Daisy leaned her head back against the pillows behind her, preparing herself for the conversation she knew Jemma would eventually insist on having with her, about what Fitz had said about her. She was hoping that Jemma would have waited until she was a little more healed, or at least not on forced medical bed rest. A slow, sleepy smile spread across her face. Jemma was about to pull up a chair but Daisy frowned at her and shook her head. Jemma climbed up into the bed without pretense or protest, sitting higher up on the bed than Daisy.

It was a familiar position to them from way back when Daisy was recovering from her gunshot wounds. Jemma wrapped an arm around her shoulders as Daisy got comfortable and she opened the book to start reading. Before she started reading, Jemma leaned over and placed a kiss to the top of her head.

Mack had told Jemma that when Daisy had discovered her choice in book reading this time, she had laughed hard enough to almost throw her shoulder out again. Jemma had found this information distressing while everyone else found it hilarious.

It set Daisy at ease and kept her heart monitor beeping at a steady pace. Jemma continued reading for a while after she knew Daisy had fallen asleep by the soft, steady rhythm of her breaths. She put the book down and adjusted the covers around Daisy, and then she stayed through the night with her. It was Christmas Eve. The base was pretty much a ghost town. Daisy had turned down multiple holiday offers. Coulson invited her to spend the holiday with him on a trip to May, Mack, Fitz - they were all dispersing home to visit their respective families.

Daisy felt too out of place to accompany them. On top of that, she knew Jemma had opted to stay behind to work on a project and had promised her parents and her brother that she would visit home sometime soon in the New Year. Daisy thought it was fairly heartless the way he had barely so much as spared a glance back at Jemma before up and leaving her for his old life.

In her bunk, Jemma had been working on some notes. Her hair was down, cut again to her shoulders and hanging in messy waves as she wrote her notations and occasionally pushed her glasses back up onto her nose, having taken her contacts out hours ago when they were irritating her.

She finished a notation, eyebrows arching as she looked up to see Daisy in the doorway. A small smile tipped up the corners of her mouth. Daisy grimaced comically and let out a groan.

Jemma chuckled lightly as Daisy flopped down on the bed with a sigh. Jemma arched her eyebrows. Jemma was about to protest but the mention of food reminded her stomach that it had been a long time since breakfast and the organ let out a rumble.

Daisy laughed. When are we ever going to get time to just hang out again without anyone interrupting us - the place is empty! Jemma relented with a put on sigh. Four hours and two full bellies later, Daisy and Jemma were huddled up in pajamas with blankets, pillows and mugs of spiked apple cider while watching all manner of Christmas movies fit for little kids. Jemma gave Daisy a sideways glance. Currently, as Rudolph, Hermey and Yukon Cornelius made it to the island of Misfit Toys, Daisy had her knees pulled up loosely to her chest, her comfy Xmas sock-clad feet were resting on the edge of the couch and her eyes were glued to the television.

She was actually swaying just a tiny bit as the toys sung about their plight as misfit toys. Turning to look back at the television, Jemma moved to set her cider mug down on its coaster after taking a sip. She left her arms loosely wrapped around her legs.

Jemma nodded and wondered if she should prod any further. She glanced at the television and smiled. Daisy had even helped her buy gifts for them in the past — with immense success in fact. Jemma let out a startled guffaw of laughter before she could stop herself. Daisy lifted her head, a lopsided grin on her face as if the question itself was absurd. Jemma giggled. Jemma was quiet for a long moment and Daisy was afraid to look at her after the admission. You fit in here with us perfectly.

They stayed cuddled up together for the rest of Rudolph. They made some popcorn to go with the next few movies, all of them of the cartoon or Claymation variety and they made it through a few more rounds of spiked cider. Daisy sighed. They started loading the items into the dishwasher to get them set. Daisy laughed as she shut the dishwasher and pressed the buttons to turn it on.

Daisy chuckled as she backed out of the embrace and prepared to head back for the common room. She arched just her right eyebrow this time giving her head an inquisitive tilt only to find that Jemma was pointing upward with her free hand, the arm bent at the elbow.

She understood why Daisy would hesitate about something like this, so she used the hand she was holding to pull Daisy back to her. Jemma smiled. She leaned slightly up onto her toes, bringing their faces less than inches apart.

With a sharp, breathless inhale, Daisy hesitantly broke the kiss, leaving their foreheads touching gently and giving them just the bare millimeters of space between them. She felt lightheaded as she stood there, both of them breathless. Jemma stared at Daisy, trying to lock their eyes and silently ask if she was alright without letting her go.

Daisy was stuck frozen in her spot, staring back at Jemma. She felt unsure about this turn of things because she feared this was a distraction Jemma was seeking and that it would implode once Jemma had sorted her head and heart out in the wake of everything that had happened in the last year or so. She just waited and tried to ignore the way her heart was racing, pounding hard against her ribcage. Daisy exhaled a choppy puff of air that cut off prematurely as she pressed her teeth into the corner of her bottom lip.

Jemma felt the hot air along her collarbone and it sent a shiver rolling down her, sending her gut and core into the beginning of a tight coil she knew well. It was all the assurance Daisy needed to be positive this was what Jemma wanted too and not just something to pacify whatever holes Will had left in her heart.

Daisy eagerly returned the kiss, with fervor. At the same time that Jemma attempted to pull Daisy closer again by her waist, she pressed her own hips forward and let as many of the sensitive areas between them that were pressed together find purchase for friction.

They needed a change of scenery. There was a long stumble that commenced down the corridors. A number of times on the trek, Daisy had to stop and lean Jemma up against one of the walls so she could properly quench the thirst for another taste of her amidst gropes, groans, demands that Daisy not drop her, and nervous fits of laughter between the both of them. She pushed the door open and hoisted Jemma back into her arms. There was a sudden flurry of activity. Clothes were haphazardly ripped free of limbs and tossed aside as they rolled around the bed to get rid of the cloth barriers between them.

Fingers dragged and scraped along fleshy canvases, ivory and mocha colored in kind. Lips kissed, tongues licked and teeth nibbled along, exploring nerve centers to see who could make the other writhe around and plead, breathlessly losing control of vocal sounds — names morphed into sighs and moans, into pleas for attention to particular spots, into prayers to deities that neither actually believed existed.

Muscles tensed and released, clenched and rolled. Sweat beaded on their flesh and melded together, matting their tangles of hair as their bodies rocked and bucked, melding into a single heated beast roaring against each other with passion and fury, with want and need.

In the euphoric haze of the aftermath, once they had come down and cooled off, had caught their breath and found their way somehow back into bits of their night clothes, they lay in an entangled jumble of limbs and covers, arms wrapped around each other. Jemma occasionally tilted her face enough to lay soft, sweet little lingering kisses along her collarbone and the corners of her neck and throat. Their legs were a hopelessly tangled mess that brought them tangled completely together from the hips down.

Silence had fallen between them once they had settled and each seemed reluctant to be the one to break it.

Eventually, Daisy decided to breach it. Daisy really hoped it was the former rather than the latter. Daisy fell quiet this time. Daisy turned her head, shifting so she could get a better look at Jemma as she brought her arm to rest around her. Realization dawned on Jemma with a sudden and sobering jolt of clarity. She cleared her throat. Jemma immediately frowned further. Daisy stared at Jemma. At some point after that little kiss, her heart had jammed itself into her throat and had started racing so face it was drumming such a loud beat in her ears that she was sure Jemma had to be able to hear it.

She felt astonished that this moment was happening and was dreading the moment she woke up from this dream. Daisy pulled the covers properly over them and then wrapped her arms around Jemma to pull her in as close as she could. Jemma bit her bottom lip and snickered. Daisy smiled to herself and gave the smaller woman a squeeze. Neither woman could remember the last time they had felt so relaxed and comfortably at peace while drifting off to sleep.

I'm glad to see other people enjoying this ride as much as I am! Thank you for sticking with me! Enjoy and have a good night!! The world surrounding Jemma seemed to completely shrink and disappear.

Tear stains streaked through the dirt and blood on her face. Her senses focused solely on what was happening in front of her. May alternated CPR with Jemma, one doing compressions, one doing rescue breaths. Jemma was covered in a layer of sweat from a combination of the effort put forth and the adrenaline coursing through her still. She was unaware of how much time passed. Tears flooded her vision and cascaded down her cheeks as she swung again.

She swung again, her sobs wracking her shoulders up and down as she did, and again…and again. She was gone. Daisy was gone. In all of the years they had known each other, with all of the dangers they had faced, Jemma had never felt the vacuous void that had reached in and consumed her as her brain tried to wrap around what was happening right in front of her.

May reached for Simmons but Bobbi reached for one of her batons. Jemma lifted her head and was quite literally about to tell Bobbi to fuck off when May realized what Bobbi was thinking. Jemma let out an unintelligible wail at being forced away from Daisy just as Bobbi flipped her batons around. Jemma let out a gasping sob as she watched it. May kept her arms wrapped firmly around Jemma, pinning her arms from the elbows up to keep her from swinging as she tried to break free and get to Daisy.

She pulled the batons back and looked down at Daisy for any sign of life. A long few moments seemed to suspend the situation around them. Her lungs attempted to fill with a gasp that was stifled by a rasping gurgle. Bobbi immediately dropped the batons. Jemma had nearly fainted when it happened.

The wind had been sucked right out of her and then her struggle to get back to Daisy was so forceful, May had no choice but to immediately let go. Daisy was still struggling to actually pull air in. Even as Jemma stopped, startled and looked at her.

Jemma trembled. Daisy was breathing! She turned Daisy onto her back temporarily, wishing more than anything that her eyes would open. At least one of them, maybe It was likely one could have broken during CPR, but from the way Daisy had coughed up blood She reminded herself that Daisy needed her right then and needed her to be focused and on point.

When she hit a particular rib, Daisy attempted to inhale a sharp, pained gasp. Jemma cringed, but she forced herself to focus. She started calling out the items she needed from the first aid kit. Her hands steadied as she forced her panic momentarily down into the darkest depths she could. It only took a few moments, but it felt like years. Jemma and Bobbi worked while May helped them. Jemme blinked away her tears and nodded. She found the bruised area near the broken rib, the flesh surrounding it was tight and swollen, covered in a deep purple contusion.

She doused the area and her hands in rubbing alcohol since time was a factor with the way Daisy was gasping, and then used a scalpel to make a small, deep incision. Immediately there was an almost popping sound, like the snapping hiss of air that usually accompanied the opening of a soda can.

Jemma inserted the tube Bobbi handed her into the incision. She used two pads of petroleum coated gauze to cover the incision and tube and keep air from filtering back into the incision area and the port of the tube so that it would keep the chest cavity sealed from air getting caught again.

Bobbi taped firmly around the gauze to secure everything in place. The effect was almost immediate. Daisy let out a burble of an exhale and, though she was still having some trouble with fluid in her throat, she was at least breathing a bit more normally.

They needed to move her, and fast. Jemma took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself down. May nodded and sprang to her feet. Fitz took Lily into one of the medical bays and locked them both inside. When May returned, they loaded Daisy onto the folding pole stretcher that May had brought back with her. Jemma cringed for every uncontrollable groan of pain that Daisy let out. By then, Daisy had already been hooked up to all manner of machines - a respirator, monitors, fluids, blood, etc.

She had been covered in pressure pads to her various pen wounds. Bobbi stepped in her path. Jemma wobbled on her feet a moment and Bobbi could see her trembling. Jemma nodded stiffly and Bobbi echoed the movement. She had already told Mack to grab her a pair of scrubs and sweats from the bus. Once they were shown to a family restroom, Bobbi told Hunter to let her know when Mack arrived. She brought Jemma into the restroom and locked the door.

Then she eased Jemma to sit down on the closed toilet seat. Jemma was horribly shaken. So much had happened, in such a short period of time; her family had died, her family was alive, Lily was alive, Daisy was not, they brought Daisy back but her injuries were extensive and-.

Bobbi wrapped her arms around Jemma and held on to her. She let her cry into her shoulder for awhile, until Jemma had managed to pull herself together a little bit.

Jemma nodded and blew her nose with the tissues Bobbi handed her. Bobbi went to work, helping Jemma clean herself of the blood and muck.

She cleaned herself up as well, changing into the scrubs she had Mack bring for her and helping Jemma into the sweats. Both girls tied their hair up into lazy ponytails. Mack and Hunter were waiting in the hallway. Mack nodded. Jemma spared Bobbi one last glance as they went.

Bobbi gave Jemma small nod. When Jemma and Mack were out of sight, Hunter stepped over to Bobbi just as her eyes were filling. Her brain felt like it was actually throbbing. The only part of her that felt worse was her heart from the pain in her chest. Her adrenaline was gone. Her body wanted to shut down. She had no idea if the doctors were going to bring Daisy back to her, no idea how long Daisy might have been dead before they had revived her or what the major consequences could be from the hypoxia.

With a grunt, she caught Lily and pulled her in, wrapping her arms tightly around the little girl. Before she could control it a small sob escaped her. For a long time Lily wailed and whimpered, her face felt hot from the tears where her face rested in the crook of her neck and shoulder.

Jemma let silent tears fall down her cheeks every now and then and just focused on calming Lily down until she was reduced to post-cry hiccups and a few last upset hums on some exhales. Jemma never loosened her grip on her daughter, just kept rubbing her back and stroking over her hair, rocking with her as she occasionally kissed the side of her head and murmured reassurances into her ear. When it seemed like Lily was likely to fall asleep, exhausted from the trauma of the day, Jemma moved to stand up.

Instantly, Lily was alert. Jemma shook her head and gently bounced Lily on her hip, shifting the little girl's weight so she could hold her up with one arm and gently wipe at her tears with one of her hands. She pressed a few of the buttons on the bed until he was lying mostly flat. She was as gentle as she could be.

With a sniffle, Lily nodded, calming down once again to those horrible post-cry spasm hiccups. Jemma forced her brain away from those thoughts. There was a lot to take in and Jemma could feel her body trying to shut down on her.

It was a stuffed monkey that Daisy had bought her when they were out once at the zoo a little over a year ago. The poor thing had been through a lot. Often, it needed to be tossed in the washer and dryer in a pillowcase to clean it of the messes it got into with Lily.

It seemed one of the few times aside from when she was sleeping that they could get her to simply sit still and just be. Bobbi was holding onto the Monkey as they walked in. Daisy had asked Lily once why she had named the monkey Groot since Groot was a tree. Lily had very matter of factly informed her Mama that monkeys swing and hang from trees, as if that simply explained everything. Bobbi smiled and quickly handed the monkey over to the little girl. Jemma looked over at Fitz.

No concussion. No internal bleeds. Couple of contusions. Wee little scrape on her forehead. Other than that, scared, confused and upset. Mack went out to find them more chairs. She heard the conversations as they waited for the doctors to come and update them on Daisy. It was a long wait.

Hours passed by slowly. Jemma dozed off restlessly and woke up a number of times. But she still heard the conversations, updates about Ward and where he had been transferred.

Coulson was on his way back and still an hour or two out from touchdown, having been in London meeting with Fury and a few secret intelligence agents. The team waited, huddled together, trying to keep each other from spiraling into the depths of fear. Her mind wandered to all of the darkest places it could reach, pulling out memories she had previously stowed and locked away, previously replaced with the happier ones to keep her warm. Now the cold, hollow memories had broken out and were slowly sucking her hope away from her with each minute that ticked by on the analog clock hanging on the wall by the door.

She thought about Daisy and all that they had been through. She thought about the many times they had almost been taken from each other. She thought about the time she had been taken from all of them, through the portal and sent across the universe. Jemma Simmons could survive an alien planet on her own for weeks at a time All heads turned at the noise that came along with Phil Coulson, bursting through the door and into the room.

Jemma jumped slightly, startled. Are they okay? Lily had had a lot to handle in the day. Jemma would be surprised if she woke up at all any time before the morning. Phil reached out. It's cold and gray There's nothing new for me to do Here now today It's just another boring day Just another boring day.

Waste away, there'll be a price to pay Singing ooo la la la la la hooray. Boring day, just another boring day Oh la la la la la hooray. Now there's nothing left to do or say Everybody's been blown away Singin' sha la la la la la la la hip hooray End another boring day.

More on Genius. Another Boring Day" Track Info. Another Boring Day lyrics. When I woke up this morning I thought it'd be another boring day. Start the coffee skip the shower, I'm out the door and on my way.

King in The record used the backing track from Joe Sentieri's record orchestra conducted by Luis Enriquez Bacalov. In the US, the Ben E. The most popular version in the United States was by Tom Jones , which peaked at 14 in on the Billboard Hot and 2 on the Easy Listening chart.

She has also been instrumental in making Donida's music known to English-speaking audiences through arranging for translations from the Italian, having performed with the composer conducting his own music on Italian television. Manfred Mann's Earth Band released their version of the song as a single only in Although never released as a single, Luther Vandross and Martha Wash recorded it as a duet, on his album Power of Love.

Mar 22,  · I have nothing in my brain Whitney Huston - I have nothing remix Enjoy.

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  1. Lo-fi punk band from Verona, Italy, active around Around Anus and John Veteran (and successively also the bassist BD) moved to San Francisco and restart the band with Jane Weems of The Maggots on drums. During the San Francisco years Jimmy Rose of The Annhilation Time played the bass with the band (without never recording) and at the .
  2. The Grabbies - Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain (12", Album) Label: Bad Man Records Cat#: BM Media Condition: Media: Very Good Plus (VG+) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Very Good Plus (VG+) View Release Page: Seller: layla77; %, ratings ; Ships From: United States; $ +$ shipping $ total: Add to Cart. Details%().
  3. Vinyl and CD 1 – 29 of Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; BM Marcello & The Machine The Grabbies: Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain (Album) 2 versions: BM Italy: Sell This Version: 2 versions.
  4. copies: 66 on brown vinyl, on red vinyl. Adios, Farewell, Goodbye So Long; Nuthin' But A Whore; Nobody Knows. BM/PTBI 4 The Grabbies, Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain LP copies. Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain; I Don't Know; Crap; Ass One; Hate Me, Please; How Stupid You Are; Better Sexist Than Faggot; I Like It; Nothing; Let Me Go.
  5. Complete your Grabbies collection. Another Boring Day 2. Comrade Child Tonight 3. Ass One 4. John Wayne 5. Drug Store. Listen to music from The Grabbies like Side A, Hate delirium fucks my brain & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from The Grabbies. The Grabbies were an overly. hardcore punk band from Italy.
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