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All calls from the media should be referred directly to University Relations. The Director of Marketing and Public Relations should be notified immediately of any emergency or situation with crisis potential. During regular office hours, Marketing and Public Relations may be contacted by calling During nights, weekends, or holidays, the contact can be made through the University Police Dispatcher at In addition, police help is readily available from the Hattiesburg Police Department.

After p. Skilled craftsmen and workers are available from Physical Plant at all times during working hours and on short notice at other times. They are capable of providing the following emergency services: 41 Will also provide emergency shutdown of gas and electric power.

Removal of fallen trees and limbs. Physical Plant can also provide portable pumps, generators, floodlights, welders, air compressors, tractors, backhoes, forklifts, etc.

Medical Southern Miss Student Health Service will remain open as a secondary treatment center for patients with minor illness, injury or psychological issues. If it is not safe for health service employees to provide healthcare, patients will be referred to Forrest General or Wesley Hospital. Protocol for Communicating with Emergency Contacts for students, faculty and staff in the event of serious injury or death.

All serious injuries and deaths that occur on campus will be reported to the University Police Department for report and follow-up. The Dean of Students Office will be contacted and made aware of the event. The DOS Office will make the determination if further contacts need to be made. The DOS Office will first notify the administration of the event. When the decision is made that an emergency contact needs to be notified of the incident, the DOS Office will do the following based on which area is affected: 1.

If injury or death occurs within the Residence Hall, this notification will be done in cooperation with Residence Life Staff. Staff — The DOS Office will contact the Director or highest ranking administrator in the division that the staff member works. Faculty — The DOS Office will contact the Dean of the College that the faculty member is assigned or the highest ranking administrator in that college.

If guidance or assistants is needed with the notification, the University Counseling Center can be called. Care should be taken that there is not dual notification. If the nature of the injury requires transport to a local hospital, staff at the hospital may have already made notification in regards to the injury or in the event that death results from the injury while in the hospital.

In the 43 In the event no contact number is available, the University Police Department, may be called upon to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to help with making notification.

Communications Equipment A. Complete charger banks Distribution and Assignment A. PP 60 MHz radios C. ITech 10 MHz radios D. Life 25 MHz radios E. Athletics 30 MHz radios F. Payne Center 10 MHz radios G. Union 10 MHz radios H. UPD B. USM Common C. Physical Plant 44 Residence Life E. Athletics F. Payne Center G. Union H. Law Common B. Medical C. EOC 1 E. In the event of a major disaster or catastrophic event that is anticipated to last for an extended period of time, both consoles will be put into service.

One console will be to manage radio traffic for UPD and other agencies in the event of multiple responding organizations.

The second console will manage the Universities radio traffic in response to the event. If the University Police Department Dispatch Center becomes inoperable due to the event or for any other reason, emergency communications will be transferred to the following in order: 1. EOC stand-by dispatch center located at Forrest Co.

EOC 45 Radio Network The University of Southern Mississippi operates its radio communications utilizing Motorola mgh radios. The mgh radio system is operated and maintained by the Forrest Co. Emergency Operations Center. The University is a member of the Forrest Co. Communications Board. The Forrest Co. EOC is responsible for maintaining and testing of the radio system.

The USM Common channel will be the common channel used by all University departments responding to the event. Each department has their own private channel to communicate with in their departments when needed. These pagers are listed to all sworn officers that have paging and message board capabilities as well as severe weather information.

Call signs will be used that are designated by each department. Proper names are not to be used for communications purposes. The procedures should be followed in sequence, unless conditions dictate otherwise. When the building fire alarm is activated and an emergency exists, leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.

The University Police have the elevator keys that will allow them to use an elevator during a fire alarm. They also have a stair evacuation device that is capable of transporting a person with disabilities safely down the stairwell. Once outside, proceed to a clear area that is at least feet away from the affected building.

Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by an authorized person. Hurricane Warning 1.

Has all patrol cars serviced and fueled; 4. Hurricane Impact 1. Recovery 1. Physical Plant Hurricane Watch 1. Recovery 50 Residence Life Hurricane Watch 1. Food Services Hurricane Watch 1. Recovery 2. A flash flood watch indicates that flooding or flash flooding may occur within the designated WATCH area, so be alert.

A flash flood warning indicates that flooding or flash flooding has been reported or is imminent, so take necessary precautions at once.

Physical Plant Custodial: 1. By Mike Argue left for an ill-fated solo career. Morrow attempted to resurrect the act during the disco era by recruiting Fran Cheslo and released one single before finally calling it quits; in Morrow was approached by the management company for international troubadour Chris DeBurgh about assembling a backing band for the performer. Chester became owner operator of Chalet Studio in Claremont, Ontario.

He was also a member of the band Midlife Crisis. Albums Goliath independent Someone Here… independent. They would eventually tour down east twice and west once. She soon found the gig and the Canadian music arena for hard rocking female singing blues guitarists restrictive to her career so she quit and moved to Italy where the musical climate was more conducive to her brand of rock and roll.

Her mother taught her to sing and her father taught her violin in an atmosphere that excluded rock music. Before long she was attending and then dropping out of the Royal Conservatory of Music to join a rock band at age 15 as their keyboard player.

In their first year together they toured for 45 weeks playing every rat infested dive in the sleezy backwaters of the Ontario club circuit.

She became involved with a management company who moved her to New York City. But the clear vision of her career path clashed with management and during the falling out they confiscated all her recording equipment. After some trepidation, Child convinced Warner that she needed the freedom to produce her own records. The song eventually was released in half a dozen formats with no less than 13 alternate mixes for dance DJs and radio.

Still, she toured faithfully on the strength of her new found fame before returning to LA to start work on a follow-up album. Feeling she had been packaged and manipulated into a product sporting long braided hair and a nose ring, rather than emphasizing the music, Child took more control over her public image.

To that end she mixed her dance rhythms with ragas and grunge affectations. Warner let her go in early Jane Child kept a low profile for the remainder of the decade doing occasional collaborations with Japanese artists. He studied music at the University of British Columbia and in was asked to join a group of musicians who had previously been in The Classics. The group managed two albums and a string of radio singles between and before changing their name to Chilliwack, with Henderson assuming lead vocal duties, after the departure of Howie Vickers from the Collectors.

Brian MacLeod would find similar success with his own act the Headpins before succumbing to cancer in the mids. Soon Mowbray called upon his old Bossmen bandmate Tony Collacutt for additional piano chops. The group made the rounds on the Southern Ontario bar scene and in their downtime, worked on a repertoire of original material. The line-up changed again when McCann quit John Johnson took over duties, relinquishing his role as guitarist to Mowbray. The band also lost King on drums who was replaced by former Combine member Pat Little.

With the final addition of vocalist Breen LeBoeuf and their name was changed to Chimo! It was only a matter of time before Collacutt also skipped out leaving Mowbray, Little and LeBoeuf to carry on briefly.

Little went on to become a respected session drummer and a member of such Canadian acts as the Modern Rock Quartet, Fludd and Diamondback; LeBoeuf would move on to a brief reformation of Motherlode, then Southcote, and finally, Offenbach; Mowbray formed a lounge act with his wife and then finally retired from the industry; Stewart McCann left the music business and is now a Professor of Psychology at an east coast University.

Revolver LSP Chimo! While playing the Vancouver club scene and began writing and recording their own material immediately. They would release a 7-song mini-LP on their own label Nemo Music. Albums China Blue Nemo Music [no cat. Albums Choice independent. Personal demons forced Clinch to fold the act in and he soon returned to being a solo artist occasionally playing around Toronto with Derek Pilgrim in a group called Mistee Morning. There were also discussions about releasing a solo single of a Peter Foldy song.

Alas, Clinch died, without completing either project, on November 8, The single was released in December and peaked at 53 on January 19, Initially, nothing came of this session recorded in early The decision was soon made to add vocalist Preston Wynn and a change in name occurred. The band enjoyed a comeback with their reunion shows in Their debut album featured future Leigh Ashford keyboardist Newton Garwood. Germany, however, did take a liking to the band and they have a near legendary status in European AOR circles.

Albert, a suburb of Edmonton, Alberta. They stopped performing as Circle Widens in Matthews knew drummer Jay Johnson from previous musical encounters along with bassist Eric Spanier who was a mutual connection from the Vancouver music scene.

Their manager, Adrian D. This quirky single went on to receive good air play on some of the local commercial radio stations. In , three out of the four members, including Clarke, went on to form Moccasin Telegraph with new bass player Barry Weih. More recently he was pursuing solo and collaborative work with a number of players. Clarke died from a long private battle with cancer on December 30, in London, Ontario. As a gimmick they dyed their hair white, wore matching white suits and white instruments.

Jean where they had a large following. In he formed a new band based on the same musical style called Gilles Girard et les Supers Classels. The group received little notice and it soon fell apart. The single was released in Canada, again, by Jaguar.

They lasted through early with another single on the GNP Crescendo label. After some member changes — including the addition of Bill Henderson — they would record two LPs as The Collectors before ultimately mutating again into the internationally successful Chilliwack.

Tom Baird began writing for Motown Records as did R. Dean Taylor before him. Music along with Brenda Gordon who would find international fame as Brenda Russell. Crescendo The prize was given out annually until Claude also performed at the Olympiades de la Chanson in Athens, Greece. In she was par tof the St. From the age of 15 to 21 he spent a fair share of his time in and out of reformatories and learning to play guitar.

However, The Fabulous Shays soon split up and Clayton-Thomas took keyboardist Collacott to Yorkville Village in Toronto and formed the Bossmen, one of the first rock bands to incorporate elements of jazz.

Clayton-Thomas returned to Canada only to have to fly back to New York a year later following a phone-call from Colomby that Kooper had left the band due to personal reasons. The album spent seven weeks at No. The band continue on and off over the next 20 years. Clayton-Thomas was touring with a reconstituted version of the band as recently as For the past 30 years, Clayton-Thomas has been pursuing a solo career.

As a solid live act they were noticed by Val Azzoli of Anthem Records. By the time she was 18, Clement had lived in 8 countries on 5 continents, and attended 12 schools. Disliking the arrangements of the music in her lesson book, she rewrote them, much to the amusement of her teacher. The piano lessons ended when the family moved, but the love of music had been instilled, and two years later she began to write more tunes. She taught herself to play the guitar and began joining friends in public performances.

There she appeared on national television three times, performing both covers and original material. Back in Canada in , the family settled in Kelowna, British Columbia, where Clement focused her studies on music, joined the school choir and began to play the piano again. Performances at the Kelowna Regatta were followed with first prize in a March writing contest sponsored by the BC Dragoons in honor of their 70th anniversary. She graduated from Kelowna Secondary in In , the family returned to Salmon Arm, and Clement continued performing her original music at coffeehouses.

While playing with the group Dreamwild in , she and two other members formed Street Magic as a one time opening act for Figgy Duff. The audience response convinced the trio to stay together. When the band folded, Jeanette Clement settled in Salmon Arm, played with Treading Water for a year, then took a 6 year leave of absence from the live music scene.

Returning to the stage in , she played short stints with Backstage Pass, Storm and Parias. Currently she is writing and selling her music online. Several years passed of struggling on the circuit, releasing sporadic singles and finally deciding to augment their sound with keyboards by Peter Goodale. By this time, the musical climate was changing — bands were simplifying their names and so, in , The Magic Cycle became The Cycle and signed to Tamarac Records.

In Clinch folded the act and returned to being a solo artist and occasionally playing around Toronto with Derek Pilgrim in a group called Mistee Morning. Clinch died in November 8, while undergoing dialysis treatment. The family later relocated to Acton, Ontario when Cochrane was 4 and eventually settled in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Cochrane sold a toy train set at age 11 to raise money for his first guitar. Still, Cochrane needed to pay bills and took up a job driving a taxi in Toronto and eventually landing a job on a Caribbean cruise liner before returning to Los Angeles in While pounding the pavement trying to peddle his songs to publishers he worked for a delivery company and also a dishwasher before returning to Toronto in A major US tour with Rush failed to yield any notable response in album sales or favourable press and a headline Canadian tour ended in a fist-fight between Cochrane, a road manager and bassist Jeff Jones.

Red Rider officially disbanded at this point and Cochrane left the fold of manager Bruce Allen. By this time the Red Rider concept had worn out its welcome and Ken Greer moved on to other interests as both a producer World Gone Mad and collaborator Gowan, Myles Hunter so Cochrane decided to go solo like he had during his formative years.

As research and new inspiration, Cochrane took his family to West Africa on a fact finding mission in for the famine relief organization World Vision — he would make two more trips just like it to raise awareness and money.

He hit the road in early to promote the recording. No one was injured and Cochrane resumed touring. Davies, and Jeff Jones. Although he started out playing trumpet and clarinet, he yearned to play rock and roll and soon turned to guitar and piano. He spent most of his high school years playing in Top40 bands but also worked with local folk musicians for a change of pace.

In he was performing as a busker in Paris, France and eventually went to the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he studied composition and arranging. In he had built up a small portfolio of self-penned songs that he felt sounded better when performed alone and decided to pursue a solo career, but it took a year to extricate himself from his band involvements; that was also the year he made his first appearance at the Mariposa Folk Festival.

Finkelstein made a deal with CBS Records to distribute the album internationally but the first album was only released in Canada. The album went Top30 in Germany and Cockburn toured with a band for most of and on the strength of its sales. After the tour, Cockburn stayed off the road for two years, during which time Finkelstein managed to ink a new deal with Columbia Records. In Cockburn went to Los Angeles to record, the first time in his entire career he recorded outside of Toronto.

It was produced by T Bone Burnett. Cockburn is Honorary Chair of Friends of the Earth. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in She had given birth during the making of the record but went on tour and bringing her new child with her. In Cogan created the indie label and recording studio called Nomad Music with producer Paul Brosseau. In his youth he attended McGill University where he formed a country-western trio called the Buckskin Boys at age He attended Columbia University in New York for a short period before skipping over to Europe to travel on a scholarship grant, eventually settling on the Greek island of Hydra with Marianne Jenson and her son Axel.

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Wesley Tuttle and His Texas Stars. Cootie Williams and His Orchestra. Margaret Whiting with Orchestra conducted by Carl Kress. Martha Tilton with Orchestra and Vocal Octet. When the Cactus Is in Bloom.

Alvino Rey and His Orchestra. Laughing on the Outside Crying on the Inside. Get Your Kicks On Route Capitol International Jazzmen. Pappy "Gube" Beaver. You Can Be a Millionaire with Me. Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love. Who Needs Memories of Him. Everybody Oughta Sing a Song. By the Time I Get to Phoenix.

Love of the Common People. Merle Haggard and The Strangers. Okolona River Bottom Band. Sonny James, The Southern Gentleman. Buck Owens and His Buckaroos. Tony Sandler and Ralph Young. The Geezinslaw Brothers.

Will You Visit Me on Sundays? The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde. The Sunshine of My World. James Burton and Ralph Mooney. Workin' On a Groovy Thing. Harpsichord Concerto A-major arr2pianos. Invention 3. Partita VI. Prelude XXIV. Ricercar 6 BWV Sarabande for cello. Wachet Auf. Press Book. Cantata for piano solo. Coral de la Cantata PDF 2. PDF 3. Michat Kirkoff. Vanessa Williams - Love Is. Barbra Streisand - Tell Him. David Russell. PDF 7.

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